Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

At first the colonel was astonished – he couldn’t believe to what he just heard. At this time he started to think about the worse, that he will never see his daughter again. He went to the local post office of Petrich to make the call. I was working there at the time, and was present when the colonel came. Only 20 seconds later, I hear a very loud voice and laughter of happiness and joy…the colonel came out so excited – he barely stood on his feet, and almost fainted. I asked my friend what had happened. She told me that his daughter had a boyfriend, and they went to his vacation villa for 20 days…and forgot about the world.

The colonel then went back to express his deep gratitude to Baba Vanga, and directly took a flight back home.

In 1953 I was a conscript, and was released from duty for a week. I took the train to Petrich, and I had an elderly man in my compartment with whom I had a nice conversation. He turned out to be an active member of the communist party – he had been imprisoned many times, he had been even sentenced to death one time. He told me a very fascinating story about his one and only meeting with Baba Vanga.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

In the same year of 1953, there was a disastrous flooding in the town of Sandanski. Bistritza river went out if its bed, and took away many trees, houses, and unfortunately people. This elderly man had lost his grandson. Close to a month they couldn’t find him anywhere – no news, no nothing. This man who happened to be an avid atheist, a disbeliever who even had punished people because they were going to church, was forced to go and ask Baba Vanga if she can tell him where to look for his grandson. When he visited Baba Vanga, she told him straight away with an angry voice: “You are coming to see me, but you will not believe a word that I will tell you – why are you coming then?

“Yes I don’t believe in future tellers or prophets, but I am desperate in finding my son who had disappeared when there was a flooding”. Then Baba Vanga explained: “When you go back to Sandanski, you will go along Bistritza river, until it meets with Struma river. On this corner you will see a shepherd holding a crook. You will greet the shepherd and will walk exactly 10 steps in the direction of the top end of his crook. This is where you will find your grandson.”





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