Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

I was really perplexed. I didn’t have such pretentions – Petrich was good enough for me already. Right at this moment I recalled the words of Baba Vanga. If I really wanted such promotion I could have asked for help from some of the greatest writers of my time  – most of them had deep respect for me. But how Baba Vanga knew that? I didn’t say anything on this subject before…

I came back to Petrich, and right on the next day I took the train to Sofia. I was accepted by George Atanasov – he was the chief secretary of the Comsomol. He opened up the conversation saying: “ Evtim, you are a very talented man, and we decided to hire you for 6 months at the publishing department. You will be subbing for Slav Karaslavov for poetry.

“I haven’t done such a work before” – I said. “We invite you not only to do this job, but also to get to know your literary friends, and to be exposed to a more professional climate.”

I told Slav that I will respond in two-three days.

When I went back to Petrich, Veneta was quite happy and said: “what did I tell you – did you see that my mother told you the truth!? She was categorical that you will become a successful man.”

On January 16th, 1966 I went to Sofia. Baba Vanga did see my life’s path, my future. Eventually I did understand what she meant by saying that I will become a “big” man.

I personally never visited her in person so she can read on me. She was close with my mother. In 1969 my sister died of a very absurd accident, and since then my mother went to visit her a couple of times. I didn’t find out what they talked about, but only remember that Baba Vanga told her: “she could have lived for many more years. Something happened, that nobody thought about, not even she…”

One year, one of the famous Russian poets – Ramsul Gamzatov came to Petrich. He asked me to take him to Baba Vanga. He entered her house first, and then they called his wife to join him. When he got out, he was holding his head, having a pale skin, and inadequate behaviour. I asked him what had happened – why he is so excited. He told me that he still can’t come to his senses, and that he needs some time to do that. In this moment, one of Baba Vanga’s guards showed up and told me that she wants to see me as well. I didn’t hesitate much and entered to meet her. First thing I said was: “My friend Ramsul was quite puzzled when he went out – what happened?” Baba Vanga laughed and said: “Well he had forgotten to place his mother’s cane inside the coffin. He organized a great ceremony, but forgot the cane – what if she needs it in the other world? He forgot it behind the door of her room.”





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