Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

Evtim Evtimov Story With Baba Vanga

Ramsul was trying to find a logical explanation how come she knew about this great detail…

Another Russian poet – Leonid Leonov was asking about Baba Vanga quite often. He deeply respected her and was sending her gifts every once and a while. During the first time when he visited her she told him: “I see that you write thick and very big books. You have one play that you wrote a long time ago, but you tuck it away somewhere in your folders. The play was about a carriage. This very piece can bring you much more success than all of your books combined together.”

The “Golden Carriage” was the name of the play. When Leonov went back to Moscow, he had found and rewritten the play, and later he published it. Indeed he became quite popular with it.

During those literature meetings that took place in Bulgaria, Baba Vanga was visited by many famous writers including John Cheever, William Saroyan, Eugeni Evtushenko, Andrey Woznesenski, Bulat Okudzhava among others.

In 1965 I still lived and worked in Petrich, and one day I met with my fellow-writers – Venko Markovski and Ivan Arzhentinski. They told me that they had visited Baba Vanga. On their way out, Baba Vanga told them in a very serious voice: “Go to the the nearest auto-repair shop, as this car of yours won’t take you far.” Venko and Ivan didn’t take her words seriously, but their respect and faith in Baba Vanga, made them follow her advice. It turned out that the car brakes were just about to stop working. While they were still alive, they both recalled this story and always mentioned Baba Vanga with good.

Many people were visiting Baba Vanga including those that had forbidden her to read on people.

One year, I took Stefan Getsov (famous Bulgarian actor) to meet with Baba Vanga. Initially we went to buy two marble tables, as they produced those in Petrich. This happened during those times when she was not allowed to accept people. I arranged the meeting through the mayor at the time – Stoil Bozhikov. Baba Vanga, her daughter Veneta and her husband accepted us very cordially. They made us coffee and we started chatting. In 10 minutes or so Baba Vanga said: “Evtim, this friend of yours that sits beside you – I see him at a very big stage!”

Baba Vanga had correctly recognized that Stefan was an artist. No one said nothing about him during our conversation, we didn’t even introduce him to her. I just confirmed that she was right, and she went on talking to Stefan: “It is good that you sent your mother to live in another place, otherwise she would have divorced you with your second wife as well…but you and your parents made a mistake years before..”

Stefan at first didn’t realize what she meant by that, and at this moment Baba Vanga carried on: “Why didn’t you agree to become a doctor, when they sent you in France?” You would’ve become the greatest butcher.”





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