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Peter Bakov Story With Baba Vanga

Peter Bakov Story With Baba Vanga

When Baba Vanga talked like that I was losing my mind completely. I am certain that she never shared those superior revelation with anyone. Often she asked me write a book about everything that I heard from her during her trance times, and to publish it when she passes away.

She had told me many things…I remember it was back in the 70-ties when she was telling me about the Ananaki giants who were living near Struma river (present Bulgaria) and who created the humans. She said: “All these lands here – Petrich, Melnik, Strumitza, Rozhen, St. Vrach, was all under water. Oh if you just know what kind of battles there were here on Earth. Over there where is the big curve of Struma river, there is a big rock – this is where the aliens landed on Earth for the first time. The have created us – we have not evolved from the monkeys. The chaos had created them, and they have created us. The chaos is full with intelligence. So those were the cosmic giants or the so called Ananaki. The came from the Andromeda constellation. The have created the Atlantes. They were over 3 meters tall and very handsome. By their choice they lived between 800 to 1600 years. Thousands of years ago, our land here was a priesthood centre. Also it is a shrine of devoted pagans. The pagans knew more than all scientists today. The pagans – these are the prophets, shamans, men of wisdom. Also in those shrines are placed people such as Philip and Alexander the Great, and many more, and many more…”.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Sometimes Baba Vanga would tell her prophesies with the greatest details – she was describing places, historical figures, events… She was truly great, enlightened by God, a real Saint. At the same time Baba Vanga was an ordinary woman. Very often in the evening she and I would drink a little shot of anise-flavoured brandy, and then we would start singing. I have literary sang thousands of songs to her, and have written numerous poems dedicated to her. She was carrying the energy of laughter – she knew how to make good jokes. She was a mortal person just like everybody else. When she had a “contact” with the superior powers, she would have become an alien. If she didn’t have such a contact, she couldn’t tell anything on anybody.





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