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Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 3

Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 3

Story told by Nadezhda Zaharieva – the wife of the famous Bulgarian author and poet – Damyan Damyanov

In one of my visits with Baba Vanga she told me: Don’t build a country house now – it’s not the right time. Me and my husband didn’t even had the intention to build a vacation house. Few years later we got land by chance, where we decided to build a little country house. Due to various factors the house was never finished.

Another very precious advice that Baba Vanga gave me was for my husband Damyan. She said that went he works on his poems and novels, he shouldn’t stay between the windows and the door and be exposed to the air current. Unfortunately we didn’t listen to this advice, and over the years Damyan developed a disease on his lungs. When he started to have some acute pains in the abdomen, Baba Vanga said not to do a surgery. We listened to her advice, and today I do think that we made the right decision.

Baba Vanga stories with visitors - story 3

For me personally Baba Vanga is one of the most extraordinary women that I ever knew. She was able to do a complete and very accurate psychological profile of every single person that came to visit her. I remember once my mother-in-law asked me to ask Baba Vanga if she will have a long life. Baba Vanga said: “Yes, she will have a long life, but her “tongue” shouldn’t be that long!.” Once I also asked Baba Vanga what she sees for a very good friend of mine – he was a very skillful carpenter, who knew his craft to the very last detail. He didn’t have any success in his personal life especially with women – it was always their fault, and they are the ones that can’t understand him. Baba Vanga did see that he is indeed a very talented carpenter but also noted in few words: “Until he is with this mindset, he will never be happy!”

I have another story with Baba Vanga when I took a good friend of mine to visit her. Out of nowhere Baba Vanga quickly said: “Who is this man Peter? What kind of love affair do you have with him?” It turned out that this man Peter was my friend’s lover despite the fact that my friend was married. I initially thought that Baba Vanga is making a mistake with past, present, and future tense. Eventually my friend did confess that she has had a relationship with this man for a long time, and this relationship was still present today.





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