Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 4

Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 4

Story about Baba Vanga told by Boris Godzhunov – very famous Bulgarian pop singer during Communistic Bulgaria in the 70-90-ties.

In 1967 we had a concert in the town of Petrich with the Chalashkanov orchestra. After the concert at the took place at the local community center, a woman approached me and said that her name is Lyubka – the sister of Baba Vanga. Once I heard that I mentioned that I would love to go and see Baba Vanga one day. Lyubka suggested that I should go tomorrow morning in front of Baba Vanga’s house. When I got there, there were a lot of people already waiting to see her. Suddently Lyubka came out of the house and called me to come in. It probably that wasn’t exactly the case because Baba Vanga told right away – “How did you get in here”? I felt really bad and didn’t know what to answer. She did find out that I jumped the queue and she scolded me. Her sister made me sign to not answer and just to be quiet. Out of no where Baba Vanga ask me: “Why did you quite musical conservatory?” I had completed my third year and then quit the institute. Baba Vanga insisted that I should finish my program. She told me other things as well that I vaguely remember, by on my way out she stressed “don’t take off your glasses”. I told her that I don’t wear any glasses. She repeated few times that I wear glasses. Years later I found out that Baba Vanga meant the glasses of optimism that I was always wearing despite everything that I’ve been through.

In 1971 I went through a disastrous accident for which I was warned by Baba Vanga 2 weeks before it happened in a very strange way. I did dream an old woman with very white face without eyes. This was a personification of Baba Vanga. So in my dream she told me never to get on a plane if we are to travel 13 people. I woke up from this nightmare all shivering. On the next day me and my orchestra had to travel to Varna to participate at a big event on the occasion of the student day – big celebration in Bulgaria that takes place on December 8th. When I went to the airport I told my colleagues about my nightmare, and firmly said that I won’t travel with them. One of my colleagues told me that two people from the orchestra went to Varna the previous day on a train – so we are not 13 people travelling. We eventually travelled both ways with no incidents, so I started to forget my dream, as I thought that it was just a bad nightmare and nothing else.





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