Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

In Strumica, an Esperanto, club was created and a lot of poor children started visiting. Vasil and Tome signed up and started going regularly. Presumably they were learning Esperanto, but later it turned out that this was illegal Communist club, and what they were actually studying was Marks communist literature. Lubka was often asked to deliver different books to various people. Both sons of the former rebel Pande naturally found their way into this club.

The years past 1934 were marked by deeper and inhumane misery enforced by humiliation and suffering. Baba Vanga was the most exhausted and at the same time the strongest in the family. She never allowed herself to complain or to lose her spirit. She was support not only to her siblings, but also to her Father, who was often depressed and filled with desperation. Baba Vanga encouraged him by telling him that better days are coming.

Often in his sorrow, Pande dreamt of becoming a treasure hunter. Once Baba Vanga told him that she knows where some antiques are buried and she described the location. It was in an abandoned village a bit far from “Strumica” .There was a river and a forest nearby. Between the river and the forest there was a sizable rock, and the treasure was buried underneath. Pande was very surprised by what Baba Vanga told him and started laughing, but then he thought about it, and recalled that indeed such location exists. The name of the village was “Raqnci” and it was abandoned as long ago there was a plague there. He asked Baba Vanga, how does she know those things, and she told him that she dreamt about it. One day Pande offered that they go to this village and check for the treasure. They went by foot. Lubka remembers that Baba Vanga was walking very confidently as if she knew the area very well. When they reached the place, it looked exactly as Baba Vanga described it. Pande said that one day he will return to dig under the rock, but then he fell and broke his arm and that is how he lost his chance for finding the treasure. Later they built an artificial lake there and even if there was a treasure it was completely lost.

Soon after this treasure prophesy, Pande lost one of the sheeps he was taking care of. He came home very angry because he believed that he will get fired, as he had no money to compensate for the lost animal. Baba Vanga told him: “Don’t be angry. Your sheep is with Atanas from “Monosnitovo” village.

Pande was very surprised of what he heard, as he did not know of such person, and neither should have Baba Vanga. Quite concerned he asked her, how she came up with this explanation. She said that she dreamt about it. Baba Vanga was always saying that she dreamt things, which in turn came to be true and real. Possibly those were her first signs of clairvoyance. Pande went to the village Baba Vanga told him about, and found his sheep in the herd of the discussed Atanas.





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