Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

At the end of every year, the municipality prepared a list with people in financial need, and small funds were released to support those people. Whole week in advance Lubka and Baba Vanga took post to wait for those funds. The clerks were very sad to see the two sisters waiting there. Baba Vanga was bare feet and from the cold her feet were red. “Why don’t you stay home where is warm, when you have no shoes to put” one woman asked. But at home it was rarely warm. They had no wood. When possible they gathered pine cones, but they burned fast and did not provide much heat. The room was most often frigid and since it was made out of reed, the wind was dancing in the middle of the room.

Despite that Baba Vanga was healthy, however in 1939 that unfortunately changed. She developed effusive pleurisy. Around 8 months she was between life and death. She lost so much weight that when It was sunny, it was Lubka to carry her out as a child. When her condition got really bad, they called a doctor from a nearby facility. When she entered, she looked around in disgust, and asked Lubka to lift Baba Vanga’s blanket. From the prolonged immobility Baba Vanga’s whole body was in sores and her skin was decaying. The doctor sent her assistant to bring some disinfectant and powder from the medical facility. Doctor walked out the room and told Lubka that her sister is very sick and will soon die.

This news spread quickly in the neighbourhood, and a priest was summoned to give her the last sacrament. The next day one of the workers at the tobacco monopoly, started donations campaign among the poor workers.

Two days after, Lubka went to take water from the well, which was quite far from their house. When she returned, she dropped the jag from surprise. Baba Vanga, who everyone expected to die soon, was out of bed,  in the yard sweeping around. You could hardly tell that she was sick, only her colour was still pale. When she heard Lubka’s voice she told her “come on hurry up, start cleaning. We got to sweep everything because soon a lot of people will start coming here”.

1939 was a year of political volatilities.  The recent government was aligning the country policy with this of Nazi Germany, and this caused a lot of protests and riots among the population. A lot of arrests happened. Pande also got arrested as he spoke to the people against the government and their direction, claiming that this will be devastating for the nation. At the time he was 53, and again he got beaten and tortured in prison. When he returned home, he looked like a derailed old man. Before he could fully recover, he was again looking for work to feed his family.





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