Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

During the summer Pande tripped, fell and broke his arm. There was a cut as well, and unfortunately it got infected. Slowly the infection spread to the point where his whole body was affected. At all times he was surrounded by Baba Vanga and Lubka, taking care of him. At some point there was a mild improvement that gave them hope, but Lubka was hearing how Baba Vanga was crying all night, as if she knew that soon their father will pass away, leaving them complete orphans with no protection in this world. In September Pande’s condition got really bad, and both his sons joined baba Vanga and Lubka trying to help their father. After all this time, they were all together at last, but soon the hunger pressed them hard. Every morning both brothers went out to look for work. Vasil waited in front of the municipality building hoping that someone will take him as longshoreman. Tome worked in a butcher shop, cleaning guts all day, not for money, but for scraps of food. Often both brothers came home empty handed.

One day when they were at the very bottom with no food at all, Pande remembered an old friend of his, and send Lubka and Tome to ask him to lend them some money.

“I can’t give money like that”, the “good” friend Hristo Tudjarov said. “tomorrow you will go to my field and will gather the remaining cotton, then I will pay you”

Early in the morning Tome and Lubka went to the field and started picking cotton. It was October and a cold one. From the chilling strong wind, their hands cracked and got bluish. At the end, they returned to Hristo, who over the years became a rich man, and delivered him the small sack with cotton they’ve collected. He threw in Tome’s feet 2 levs and said that Lubka is too young to get paid…he shut the door at their faces. Snow started falling. On the way back both children were crying from pain and humiliation and their tears were soaking into the piece of bread they managed to buy with the earned money.

In the beginning of November, Pande felt that he is leaving this world, and he called all his children to his bed and told them.  “Kids, I am dying and you will be left alone. Be honest and hardworking and listen to Baba Vanga, she will take care of you”. 8th of November 1940 Pande passed away at the age of 54. The children cleaned Pande’s body and put clothes on him, but had no money for a funeral. A whole day and a night they spend with the corpse in the room. The next day, one of their neighbours who was a sexton in the church, told the priest about their tragedy. The priest immediately made arrangements, and Pande was buried in the catholic cemetery for free. After the funeral, when he saw how poor and miserable the kids look, he gave them some of the church money, so they can buy some bread.

Very heavy days followed. It was only Baba Vanga’s spirit and strong character that prevented her brothers and sister to fall into complete dark desperation.  She was carrying the heaviest burden, but regardless, she was inspiring her siblings to be strong, and to hope that better days are coming.





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