Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

One day, a platoon of troops arrived at their door. Among them was Dimitar Gushterov, a 23 years old man from “Krandgilitza” village. He wanted to talk privately to Baba Vanga, because he had a pain in his heart. His brother was murdered close to “Sklave” village. He was a pig merchant and had business in the area. Baba Vanga came out of the house and before he was able to tell her anything she called him by name and said:

“I know why you are here. You want me to tell you who killed your brother. Maybe I will tell you after some time, but you have to promise me that you will not avenge him, because it is not necessary. You will be alive and you will witness their end”

Dimitar was so amazed from what happened. He had no idea, how she knew his name or how she knew about the pain in his heart. Few times after that Dimitar came to visit Baba Vanga, and they talked for a long time. Soon after, Baba Vanga told her sister Lubka, that Dimitar wants her for wife, and she agrees. She told Lubka that they are moving to live in the town of Petrich.

At the time both brothers were away. Vasil was drafted as a soldier, while Tome was dispatched against his will to work in Germany.

On 22nd April Dimitar arrived with cart loaded with freshly cut smelly hay, covered with tilt, for comfort . He was well dressed and excited. The news spread quickly and neighbours and everyone who knew Baba Vanga started gathering to say goodbye. Some were telling her that she is making a mistake for leaving her home, but she did not listen to them. All that she was leaving behind were sad memories, misery and excessive poverty. Baba Vanga’s dowry was symbolic. She had a red scarf knit by herself and a couple of copper pots, this were all the belongings she had. They put a lock on the door and left the place for good.

They travelled with the cart on uneven road towards “Petrich”. They traveled in silence, a bit sad for leaving “Strumica”. They arrived in Petrich in the evening, and stopped in front of a small house, that previously was used as a warehouse and no one lived there. The house looked as if any second it will crumble on the heads of its new inhabitants. In front, there was a big messy yard.  Curious eyes from nearby houses were checking Baba Vanga. Her reputation as clairvoyant had already spread around and people were checking her top to bottom. They were wondering how a blind woman can be a good house wife and take care of the household, they even were asking that out loud. Baba Vanga paid no attention to those comments.

They entered into a dark and dirty hallway. There were two rooms, one that was turned into a bedroom and the other one, Baba Vanga later used to meet her many visitors.





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