Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

 But her brother told her that he does not believe her, and the very same day, he and Lubka went to “Strumica” where they found Tome. The next day three of them joined the communist guerilla movement.

On 8th of October 1944, Vasil who was currently a commander of a sapper squad, received orders to blow up a bridge near village “Furka”, as it was expected that units from the German army will retreat from there. Vasil successfully completed his task and blew the bridge, but did not notice that when he was getting matches out of his pocket, to light the dynamite, he dropped his ID card.  German troops arrived to investigate and found the ID piece. They arrested a lumberjack that was working near the bridge and he confessed that he saw the man from the picture to lurk around. They arrested everybody from the village and locked them inside the church. Vasil was arrested with everyone else. The Germans issued an order that they will burn everyone alive if they don’t betray the person who blew up the bridge. The people knew that Vasil is the one, but they said nothing. Seeing no escape, Vasil stepped up and said “ It was me” . They recognized him from the previously found ID. He was pushed out of the church, and in front of everybody, tortured and executed as an example for the rest. 8th 0f October was Vasil’s birthday. He just made 23, when he was killed…

In 1947 after Baba Vanga’s husband built the new house, he got very sick. Ever since he came back from Greece he wasn’t feeling well, but right after he finished the house – apparently he got exhausted and that additionally contributed to his sickness. He also had strong stomach pains, and a friend of his advised him to drink a little bit of Rakia (traditional Bulgarian grape brandy) as it will relieve the pain. At first he drank very little, but over time he got addicted to the alcohol, and his life changed dramatically. He closed himself, for whole nights he stayed alone in his room, and he just drank. Most probably he had his own personal drama, but he didn’t want to share it with nobody. Both doctors and Baba Vanga were constantly talking to him to stop this destructive life, as he is going to kill himself if he continues to do that. Baba Vanga walked in the house like a shadow – she had a so much pain in her heart, that she cried for hours at night. Later she shared with her sister that she knew that there is no salvation for her husband. She kept this sad fact only to herself, and she was praying for the miracle to happen. At the same time hundreds of people kept coming every week to see Baba Vanga so she can read on them. She was compassionately listening to their tragic stories, she was giving them advices, as well as providing some with cures for their diseases. Still no one even suspected what kind of problem Baba Vanga had on her shoulders.





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