Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Mitko was “treating” himself with Rakia for 12 years, until he fell down on a bed. They took him in hospital as he developed cirrhosis on his liver, and his body started to fill with water. Baba Vanga insisted to stay with Mitko for close to a week. One day one of the doctors told Baba Vanga’s sister that he wanted to tell her something. Baba Vanga told her that she should save her words, as she knows very well that the end of her husband is approaching. She just wanted to go home with him. Over those six months of his sickness Baba Vanga was always around her husband – as if she wanted to pass on him some of her strength so he recovers. Or maybe this was one constant farewell with her loved one with whom she lived for 20 years.

Lyubka: “When Mitko was already in his agony, Baba Vanga was always right beside him, and tears were constantly coming out of her blind eyes. She was whispering something quietly – I don’t know if she was praying for his life to be saved, or she was saying goodbye. Mitko passed away on April 1st, 1962 when he was 42. We started to prepare the funeral and its ceremony – Baba Vanga was sleeping for long hours. She slept till the moment of the funeral. Later she told me that she has walked with Mitko to the designated place where his soul had to go. On the next morning I went out to tell all visitors that Baba Vanga buried her husband yesterday, and that she won’t be accepting people today. She heard me and said: “No, don’t tell them to go, I will accept all of them – they need me.”

At one point, Baba Vanga was incapable of dealing with the thousands of people that were visiting her each month. This is when she sought the help from the Government. On October 3rd, 1967 Baba Vanga was officially employed by the Government. They hired people to organize the visits, as well as providing security and comfort for Baba Vanga. A special service bureau was established that was booking the appointments for the prophetess. All those Government activities unofficially recognized Baba Vanga for her phenomenal skills.

What type of person was Baba Vanga – story told by Krasimira Stoyanova, Baba Vanga’s adopted daughter?

There was nothing unusual in the lifestyle of Baba Vanga – she lived a very ordinary life, like most people. She lived in a full harmony with mother nature as being part of it. She could read the messages of everything surrounding her- animals, plants, space, even the rocks, because according to Baba Vanga everything lives and there is no “lifeless nature” – everything subordinates one superior organization and intelligence.





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