Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

“I can’t sleep at night. How can I – when I go to bed all of the people’s tragedies that I’ve heard during the day come through my mind again. There is so much pain in this world. There is something else – when it is quiet at night, I hear the cosmic sounds as well. I hear how the cosmic bells ring every hour and how everything that’s alive reflect this rhythm. This is why the flower knows when to open up, or the rooster never makes a mistake what time he has to crow. How can I sleep? If I could tell you everything that I see – a miracle would have happen. The world’s secrets that I know but I am not allowed to tell them, are so many that they can fill up a big dam.”

The little house of Baba Vanga “remembers” many tears and people’s tragedies. But the biggest tragedy is that of its landlord – Baba Vanga who is accumulating all of this pain in her heart and is giving back hope and cure whenever she can. In the middle of the living room – where Baba Vanga had accepted her visitors, there is a big table that is full with gifts given to the prophetess from her visitors, as well as countless of sugar cubes wrapped up in paper. Sugar is one of the many mysterious around Baba Vanga, as she asks her visitors to bring her some sugar, that has stayed at their home for at least a couple of days. When the visitor enters the room, she takes his sugar, starts to touch it for a couple of seconds, and then she starts the reading. Why sugar? What is stored in those little crystals, so Baba Vanga can tell with such a striking accuracy details of someone’s life. Even Baba Vanga can’t answer this question. She told me once that in her first years of reading, she had to have a burning candle infront of her. “Because I am blind, I could have had an accident with the candle, and the voice told me to switch to sugar, as it is clean.”

Behind the big table is where usually Baba Vanga sits. Typically she is so exhausted and pale, that she barely breaths. Sometimes she doesn’t have strength even to talk. I have heard her sometimes whispering something like: “Dear God, was I the greatest sinner, so you punished me with this heavy cross? You gave me so much, but you also want from me so much?” Then she would stand up slowly from the chair on which she sat for more than three hours straight, she would take off her upper clothing, and will slowly head to her bedroom, where she would relax for a bit. But as it was mentioned above, Baba Vanga rarely sleeps. She lies down for a while, stays quiet, and very often she would knit so she can truly get some rest. She loved knitting, as this was one of the few things that helped her relax. She used to be a  very skilful knitter. She was doing it very fast, and the clothes she would knit would reflex her inspiration. She had numerous models that she made up herself. She had knitted hundreds of vests, sweaters, skirts, etc. Very happy from what she produced, many of her things were given as gifts to random friends and visitors, and she was as happy as a small child when people loved her gifts.

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