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Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Pande returned to his village but nobody was home. His parents have passed away, and his brother disappeared somewhere. For days he was wondering what to do, when he learned that Strumica municipality is granting abandoned houses and land to whoever want to live there.

They gave him an old house at the edge of the town. Almost all houses were old and shaky and the neighbourhood looked more like a village than part of a town. The streets were narrow, muddy and dirty and at night time completely dark. Yards were very small fenced by hedge – row with animals walking around. At night they would lock the animals on the first floor of the house or living together with them. Everyone in the neighbourhood came from nearby villages to look for better opportunities in town. Mainly the migrants were farmers or small craftsmen and traders. They called the quarter “Svetiko” because all homes were cramped around a church called  “ST. Fifteen martyrs”

Newly arrived Pande started living with his new neighbours in peace and mutual respect. He got some land and started to take care of it. He met a woman – cheerful and agile, who looked like a young girl. They liked each other and soon got married. Her name was Paraskeva.

Vangelia or shortly Baba Vanga, was just 3 years old, when her mom died during child birth. A year after that in 1915 the First World War was unleashed and Baba Vanga’s dad was mobilized to go and fight the enemy as a soldier of the Bulgarian army. Baba Vanga was left with her neighbour  Asanica – kind and very compassionate Turkish woman. For three years there were no news from Pande, and people had thought that Baba Vanga had become a complete orphan, when one day he returned very malnourished but alive.

He took Baba Vanga to the old house where they resumed living, but it was not easy for the Father. Baba Vanga, already 7 years old, was very thin, blond kid with blue eyes and very wild character. It was obvious the lack of motherly care and strictness.

At that time the First World War ended and Strumica had fallen under Serbian rule. The new authority implemented strict morals and various restrictions. There were a lot of town folks that could not understand the new orders, and started living in fear and anxiety. Pande was one of them, and he was worried what would be Baba Vanga’s life when she grows up.





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