Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

She was lively, cheerful and communicative child. The other kids were visiting her yard to play games with pleasure. Her favourite game was to make the kids lie on the ground as her patients and she as the doctor would treat them. She would gather some grass and put it on their tummies. After that she asked the kids to swoop the yard as she hated dirtiness. Often she would sit on a small carpet and the kids would come around her to listen to her made up stories.

Years later, when in a mood, Pande liked to tell stories to his other children about Baba Vanga’s “Caretaking” and they all laughed to tears.

Baba Vanga loved everything to be at its place. One day her father decided to go fishing and asked his friend to wait for him for just a minute to take his gear. He was looking everywhere but could not find his staff. Baba Vanga observed the search progress with satisfaction and only later asked her father what is it he looks for, and then she told him that his fishing hooks are pinned to his hat. Another time he had to look for his shoes. He realized it will be tough to maintain the household on his own with a young child and decided to try and marry again. His chances for success were low, as he was poor, also widow and with a kid, but surprisingly he found wife fairly quick.

Tanka Georgieva was one of the most beautiful girls in town. She would step on a chair to braid her long hair.  She was a fiancé to a Bulgarian military officer,  but the circumstances broke the marriage, and to avoid the big shame Tanka’s parents quickly arranged a marriage with Pande. Although initially unhappy from this twist of fate, Tanka later discovered that Pande was a good and hard-working man. She was good housewife and caring mother.

Days of happiness and success followed. Pande was a good farmer and caretaker and his property slowly grew and reached 10 acre. He started hiring people during harvest season and people treated him with respect.

Alas the happiness was short lived. The loudest political patrons of the new authority could not forgive Pande his rebellious past. One day they arrested him and took all his land. This happened at harvest time. From success the family plunged into harsh misery that remained for many years to come.

When Pande came back home from the police station, all beat up and tortured, he started to look for work so he can support his family, which has grown with one member. In 1922 Tanka gave birth to a boy, that was named Vasil. Pande became a Sheppard in a nearby village. He remained a servant and a poor man to the rest of his life.





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