Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

The wife Tanka remained home with both children Baba Vanga and Vasil, and young Baba Vanga only 11 years old had to help a lot in the household. She was looking after her little brother and kept inventing different games for both of them. There was a game however that strongly disturbed her parents. She would put an item outside of the house somewhere, then she would get back to the house and with her eyes closed  would try to get to the item, as if she was blind.  She kept playing this game despite the warnings and threats of her parents.

In 1923 the family moved to “Novo Selo” where Pande’s brother lived. Kostadin became wealthy over the years, got married, but had no kids. When he learned how poor his brother’s family is, he invited them to come and live with him.

As the oldest child Baba Vanga, had the responsibility to walk the Donkey every day to the sheep pens, in order to bring back the milk. One summer day, Baba Vanga was heading back to the village accompanied by two cousins of hers. The three girls decided to go to a nearby water source named by the villagers “Hanskata cheshma” . Out of nowhere, without anybody noticing, severe storm unleashed. Sky darkened, and the horrifying wind was crushing trees, uprooting the tiny ones. Lumps of earth and tiny trees were thrown far in the field.  A pillar made of dust branches leaves and lumps mixed into a terrific whirlwind hit the three girls and pulled Baba Vanga 2 kilometers away in the field. How long the storm continued, no one remembers, but when they went looking for Baba Vanga, they found her under a pile of dust stones and branches driven mad with fear. Worse than the fear however was the unspeakable pain she felt in her eyes, completely unable to open them. When they brought her home, everyone was trying to reduce her pain. They washed her eyes, with water and then with herbal mix, they tried applying salve but nothing provided Baba Vanga with relief. As the day passed, her eyes filled with blood and later they turned white.

The desperate father decided to bring the family back to “Strumica” and to look for a doctor. In “Novo Selo” they stayed for a short period of time – around 3 months, as they did not feel so good there and it felt as if they arrived there only for Baba Vanga to have this tragedy.

The news about Baba Vanga’s misfortune quickly spread in the neighbourhood. All day long visitors were stopping by to provide support and to offer various herbs and salves that they thought might help. In reality they did this out of compassion because nobody really knew a remedy for such a condition.

They brought Baba Vanga to a doctor, who concluded that the infection is spreading and if they wanted to save her eyes, surgeries were necessary. A lot of money was needed…Two surgeries were done. For the first Pande found money, second surgery was done for free, out of compassion towards Baba Vanga’s poverty status. Both surgeries were unfortunately unsuccessful. The doctor recommended a third surgery to be done in “Belgrad” and Pande agreed. They scheduled the date and informed that this surgery will cost 5000 dinara, a huge amount at the time.





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