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Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

The father was devastated as he had no way to collect this much money. He was very poor and his neighbours were not that different, so nobody could help him.  He asked for help his late wife’s mother. Long ago she promised that Baba Vanga will inherit some of her land. Pande asked if she can sell this land and use the money to complete the surgery. Unfortunately after his first wife died, the relationship with her mother turned bad, and she decisively refused to help.

Then Pande started selling whatever he could. He sold the sewing machine left from his first wife, sold the only sheep that they had, and there was nothing else of value. At the end he barely collected half of the necessary amount for the surgery. Day before the scheduled date, Pande sent Baba Vanga along with a neighbour who was heading to Belgrad to visit his son. He really wanted to accompany her and be with her in this hard moment, but he did not want to spend any extra money as he was already so short.

When the neighbour, a well-dressed gentleman brought Baba Vanga to the doctor, it seemed as if a rich man is trying to get rid of their poor relative. The doctor who was going to do the surgery, next day, had the same impression. When he saw the amount of money that the neighbour presented he got mad of his cheapness and pulled Baba Vanga into a room and told her “Girl the money that your father send is half of what is needed, that is why I will perform half a surgery. When you bring all that I asked for, I will do a proper surgery”. Hopefully those words came out of anger

When Baba Vanga went home, she was able to see very slightly. The doctor told her that she will need strong food, tidy and peaceful environment. Of course those recommendations remained only a wish, because the life of the family was as poor as always. In 1924 another child was born, a boy that they called Tome. Pande left again for the nearby villages to look for work. The Wife worked as much as she can on the field, and Baba Vanga was taking care of the kids and the household.

Soon the bad quality of live brought a heavy outcome. Another cataract on her eyes developed. New surgery was completely out of the question and Baba Vanga went blind again, this time permanently.





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