Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

The desperation was complete. Night after night Baba Vanga was crying and praying to God to bring back her sight, but no miracle happened. Months have passed and Baba Vanga could not forgive herself that she was a burden to the family and did not know what to do.

One day a neighbour told Pande, about a school for the blind in the nearby town of “Zemun”. At least there she won’t starve, as the school had good reputation. In 1925 she was accepted. At the time she was 15. When she realized that she will be leaving she could not sleep from the expectation. She was facing an unknown future, and no one could tell her how long she will stay at this home for the blind. The thought that she won’t see her family again made her cry.

The next day Baba Vanga had to say goodbye to her family and the house. Small and thin, she was silently “observing” the coming morning. Of course she could only listen, as this is how she was able to perceive the world. People with normal vision do not realize how many sounds are mixing around them. Cat running through the grass, wind blowing the brunches of the plum tree, and the sun sending warm rays on her face. This picture Baba Vanga would remember her whole life.

At the school for the blind, everything was new and interesting. They gave the new student her uniform right away. It consisted of brown skirt and blue blouse accompanied by beautiful beige shoes. They cut professionally Baba Vanga’s blond hair. She was perplexed but also very happy. At the times when Baba Vanga was alone, she was touching her new uniform and felt like a queen, because for a first time in her life she had good looking clothes.

The discipline in the school was distinct. Until noon the students were having various classes. They were thought The Braille system of reading. One of the subjects in the school was music. The new student -Baba Vanga,h had very good ear for music, and she quickly learned how to play the piano. Music reminded her of home in Novo Selo, of her childhood and family. She wished they had more music classes.

In the afternoon the school program was focused on practical skills. They taught the female students how to take care of the household. Cooking, cleaning, knitting, may seem practically easy, but that is not the case If you are blind. The blind girls were trained how to “see with their hands” and to develop sensitive and flexible fingers. Baba Vanga learned everything with ease, and there was not a single teacher to be unhappy with her performance.





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