Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Quickly three years passed. Baba Vanga had her 18th birthday. She had very tidy appearance, and her thin face glowed with calmness and fulfilment. For some time now there was something else. Among the students in the school there was a boy by the name Dimitar, from “Giato” village. Whenever she heard his voice, her heart would tremble and her face would blush. The boy felt the same for her, and they were very happy when together. One day Dimitar told her that he loves her, and offered her marriage. His parents were wealthy and they had no problem taking care of both of them.

All day Baba Vanga imagined how she would look in a wedding dress. She was so happy. She sent message to her father awaiting his blessing. Days of eager anticipation followed.

One day Baba Vanga received the so waited word from “Strumica” and her father. Alas instead of a blessing Vanga received grim news. In 1926 her stepmom Tanka have given birth to a baby girl that they called Lubka.  2 years later, when giving birth to a 4th child, Tanka passed away. Instead of blessing baba Vanga received a cry for help, asking her to abandon her happiness and go take care of the orphaned siblings.

Baba Vanga  said farewell to her first love, and to her marriage that could have given her a better life. The way back was hard, as Baba Vanga was realizing that those 3 years in the school for the blind, were the best years in her life, and they won’t return. From this point onwards, for a very long time, Vanga’s life was marked by ruthless poverty and a lot of suffering. These conditions however unlocked her limitless spiritual power, that would help her overcome all difficulties in her path.

Back at home Baba Vanga was struck by the terrifying misery. The children – all very little, were dirty and heavily malnourished. Her brother Vasil was 6, Tome was 4, and the youngest Lubka was 2. Baba Vanga had to adopt the role of a mother. When she got back, her father went to work right away.

Around that time, a huge earthquake occurred, in the “Chirpan” region. From the strong shaking, the old and unstable house of Baba Vanga’s family fell to rubble. Pande’s children became homeless. Few days after, Pande built a small and shaky contraption out of reed plants and mud. It had only one room, with a little hallway. Later he added a small kitchen, where he set the fireplace.

They moved in very quickly as they had almost nothing. Even here Baba Vanga brought beauty and order. She put the big chest from her stepmom in a good visible spot, she placed mats on the mud floor, and knit a cover for the bed. In front of the shack they fenced a small yard, and she planted beautiful flowers at the entrance.





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