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Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Baba Vanga Biography in Greater Details

Those Customs unfortunately were a brief and rear joy. Baba Vanga could not afford to relax, because the poverty was never giving them a break. She had to work non-stop. Often, very often they ended up hungry. They were eating mainly wild cabbage, corn bread and very diluted yogurt, many days they didn’t have even that. One day they told her father Pande that they have no more flour. The very few coins that they had, Baba Vanga was keeping for extremely hard moments. Pande went to meet a wealthy old time friend and asked if he can spare some flour. The friend said that he has a small sack that he can give Pande if he pays. Pande took it and send it through a traveling merchant to Baba Vanga. There was big excitement at home. Baba Vanga made bread right away, and they ate it as it was still hot.   30 minutes later, both sisters got sick and started throwing out. The frightened neighbours sent a message to Pande who was in the nearby village. When he came home to tend to his children, he checked the flour and realized that his old time friend had sold him a poisonous weed that grows alongside the wheat.

At the edge of town, close to “Trakiana” river, Pande had a small garden with 6 cherry trees. When the cherries were ready for picking, Pande was selling them to traveling merchants. When some of the kids asked for something, Pande was always promising that when they sell the cherries, he will buy what is needed. The money from the sale however were so little that the promise was always passed on for the next year.

One year they planted tobacco. They worked from dawn, to dusk and when they harvest it, they were paid so little, that the only thing Pande was able to get was a new water pitcher, that he filled with “boza” (specific Bulgarian non-alcoholic drink with a sweet taste)

In 1943 Lubka became a student. She was the best student and the poorest one. Baba Vanga was very happy with her interest in learning, because even though briefly, she was exposed to education in the school of the blind, and she knew how much quality in life the education could bring. Baba Vanga was strict with her siblings, but she could not convince her brothers to go to school. They couldn’t do it anyways as they were working, but the older brother Vasil told her, that even if he had time, he does not want to go to school.





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