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Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 10

Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 10

Our son was 5 years old, and he was having problems with his tonsils very often. We were so focused on my health condition, that we always procrastinated his surgery. Shortly after we fulfilled what Baba Vanga asked us to do, and right after my child’s tonsils were removed, he got healthier and stopped to complain of pain in his legs.

Baba Vanga told me something else, which I almost forgot about as it was 10 years ago since it happened.

“Why did you make this sin? Why did you have an abort? This child would have been very smart. I got goose bumps all over my body. When I was 19 I had an abort. I already had one child, and my husband was a conscript, so we decided that it is not a time for another child now. With this sin of mine I have another interesting story to tell. The night after the abort I had a very unusual dream: I woman dressed in red robe appeared at my door where I slept with my little daughter. She told me that I’ve done a big sin and I have to go to the Church on Good Friday and bring a gift, whatever it is, otherwise God will take my daughter away. I was so scared when I woke up. In a couple of days, my daughter got a whooping cough. Just shortly after when I fulfilled the request that the woman in my dream asked for, my daughter got healthy and stopped coughing.

Baba Vanga stories with visitors - story 10I also asked Baba Vanga about my mother, and how will her life go by.  She said “you don’t worry about her, everything will be alright. She will have a long life”, she said.  She was right again. My mother is 88 years old now, and is having a good life.

Back to the case with my skin disease. I went  to Sofia, and visited my uncle. When he heard what Baba Vanga has said, he grabbed the phone and started to ask some of his friends who is the best doctor in Sofia specialized in skin-related diseases. They directed him to prof. Lyuben Popov, consultant at a Ministry Hospital. I met with the doctor right on the next day. I could tell from the very beginning that he was very well educated. She examined me, took one book from his large library and wrote me a prescription with which I ended my terrible disease. “Protect that recipe as if you protecting your passport”, said the doctor.





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