Neshka Robeva about Baba Vanga – interview

Neshka Robeva about Baba Vanga – interview

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Did the prophetess make a difference between faith and religion?

I think she did. Many years ago I was at a summer camp in Japan. I ran into some trouble. Baba Vanga told me to light a candle on St Petko’s day (Petkovden).  When I told her that it would probably be difficult to find an Orthodox church in Tokyo, she replied: “Go out on the balcony – for the believer, the sky is a church”, I would never forget the words she said about Father Nathanael – the person who sanctified the temple on the Rupite for the first time. He was doing it despite his will. He gave arguments against the sanctification which were ridiculous and could only be uttered by a fanatic. His whole demeanor radiated hostility.  He was one of those people who marred the celebration. Baba Vanga said only that he could not be a priest because he was led by hatred and intolerance. She prayed to God to forgive him. But… he was not forgiven. The temple was sanctified for a second time, and shortly after father Nathanael had a bad car accident. Hopefully he understood what the punishment was for.

Baba Vanga always insisted on proper religious rituals, but she as if drew our attention more to the faith inside, to our internal necessity as a manifestation of our virtues.

That is true. There are many things we are not given the knowledge to understand. At her insistence I still continue to make three qurban offerings even now. I still cannot accept the animal sacrifice, but I do not doubt Baba Vanga’s knowledge and the necessity to do as she willed. I have had many opportunities to see that whenever I didn’t listen to her, I was wrong.

You mentioned in one TV show that she talked to you about the Antichrist, about Christ, about Petar Danov. What was God for Baba Vanga?

She used to say that Petar Danov was reborn, and that if she saw him, she would recognize him. For her he was the absolute Teacher. She insisted: “Read Danov, he speaks the truth”. She also said the Antichrist was here on earth, entering every home: a son killing his father, a mother – her daughter. And this is true. I don’t know if humanity has ever witnessed a greater degradation of morality and virtue than that nowadays. As for God, she once asked me how I imagine him and answered the question herself: “God is light. No one has ever seen God”.





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