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Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 18

Baba Vanga stories with visitors – story 18

Story told by Rayna Mladenova from Kyustendil

Baba Vanga stories with visitors - story 18It was a very hot summer of 1968, but my soul was frozen. My husband was very sick – we visited doctors, sanatoriums, natural healers…After another severe crisis that he had, I decided to visit Baba Vanga. I headed out to Petrich with my daughter who was only 6. We didn’t have an appointment, as I had no contacts or connections that could have helped me to book one. In the morning I spoke with the cashier that is giving the admission numbers, and I described him in details my sad situation around my husband. He showed compassion and understanding and gave me a number. I will never forget that gesture from this man. In the same morning, I started to wait infront of the gate. There were many people also waiting with me. At one moment it became so quiet when the door opened – I almost felt scared. I was expecting to see an ordinary woman – and I did see a real saint. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as if she had hypnotized me. She can petrify, calm down, and relax you…those are the feelings that I felt when I was standing in front of her – feelings that I’ll remember for my entire life.

I was third on the list. I crossed over the doorstep, as if there was no gravity around me, and left the sugar cube on the table. Baba Vanga touched it and asked who is sick. Then she went on: – Alexander, Alexander (this is the name of my husband), why do you come to see me so late? So much pain he had to suffer. I will help you. The doctors are telling you that your husband has a discal hernia (this was the exact diagnoses!), but I see that one if his nerves is constricted. From here go directly to Bankya, and look for uncle Dimitar. He is working at the sanatorium of the National Security. You will tell him that I have sent you. He will help your husband. He will still have some pain once and a while, but it will be no near to what he suffers now. Also tell Dimitar to fix his house numbers – I barely see it as one of the numbers is worn off (indeed the number “1” was missing). Your father Kiro is asking for you, he loved you very much, now he is together with your brothers.”





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