Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 42

Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 42

My mother asked her only one question – will I live, so I can raise my children (my sons were 6 and 12). At the moment I can’t help you as the Government does not allow me. Go to Atanas Dzambazov from Levunovo village – he will help you.

My mother headed out to the village at once. When she found her house she saw many people waiting in her yard. He called my mother and told her that he was expecting her. My mother left him one of my clothes, and he gave her a sheet of paper, inside which there were a couple of smaller one that were wrapped. I had to sleep on those sheets for a couple of nights.

My mother threw away the first sheet at a cross road. Then every Tuesday she burnt one sheet – this is what the witch doctor had instructed her. We never opened the sheets to see what’s written in them, but thanks to this man with those paranormal skills, I was brought back to life. We were so thankful to Baba Vanga as well, as she told us about Atanas.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Just a week after the ritual with the sheets, I was back on my feet.

I had a friend, she was a family doctor, who we called hundreds of times to help me when I was very sick. My mother had told her our experience with Baba Vanga. When she saw me standing on my feet – she started crying out of joy.

In the next week, she went down to Petrich to seek help for her sick brother. Through the help of Baba Vanga and one professor from France, they prolonged the life of my friend’s brother with 5 years.

Years later, when my older son was 17 he went to the ER in Pazardzhik with inflamed appendicitis. The doctor said that we took him late. My son had drainage and 40 degrees fever. I stayed at the hospital, and my mother went to visit Baba Vanga again.

Very tired, my mother sit at the bench in front of Baba Vanga’s house, and dropped off to sleep. At one moment, she felt that someone was fondling her head – it was Baba Vanga. She told her: – Go home, don’t worry, your grandson won’t die. This doctor that your daughter brought from Sofia will help him. Tell him to drink tea from marigold – 100 ml of water and a pinch of marigold. Let him drink 3 cups a day, for the duration of 15 days, and then to stop drinking it for 15 days. Follow the procedure for 3 months.





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