Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 45

Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 45

Baba Vanga literary repeated the words that she said to my sister. Then she went on:

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

“Veselin is asking how are the dams, how is the bridge, how are the fishermen. He is asking you to say hi to those. He is saying that he was a passionate fisherman – the best one he caught was from one river that was very bright. He wanted to study. Last year he had attended the admission exams – and was not accepted. This year they had accepted him to study in Sofia. He wanted to have his own apartment, to have his own car, but since he wasn’t ready for a car yet, first he wanted to buy a motorcycle and a small boat, so he can go fishing. He was very smart, he had to study math…He was very loved and dearly missed at the lavish funeral that you organized for him. There were many flowers at the funeral, but he is asking why he wasn’t taken to church.

“Becase – I said, the Government officials said he either go to church, or he goes to study music”.

“Well you made the right choice the” – said Baba Vanga

Then she paused for few seconds and carried on:

“Veselin is asking about Bozhidar, Bozho? – this was my son’s first friend. Then Baba Vanga listed the names of most of his friends.  “He is asking by all means, to send his greetings to all of his friends. He is asking about Todor and Mehmed…You are not coming directly from Kardzhali but from Plovdiv”?

Indeed when I headed out to Petrich I stopped by in Plovdiv to visit my husband who was in a hospital there.

“Who is in a hospital” – Baba Vanga asked.

“It is my husband there” – I said quickly, and Baba Vanga continued:

“He is in the ocular department, he can’t see with his two eyes, but you don’t worry, the doctors in Plovdiv will help him…Veselin is asking about the sweater that you were going to knit for him – what happened did you knit it? If you haven’t, do it and bring it to his grave, on his annual commemoration”.

Nobody knew about this sweater except Veselin and myself. Also nobody knew that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. I asked Baba Vanga what color he wants the sweater to be in, and she said that he wants it to be grey. Then she continued talking to me as if she was reading a book infront of me.

“You live on the third floor – your house is very neat and tidy. You have enlarged his photo and have placed it across your bed – so you can see him and cry for him. Don’t cry woman, you cry way too much – you will get sick”.





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