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The park of the complex

The Rupite complex is situated on 23 ha of land. Over the years the Foundation have created a large park with many available places for meditation and recreation. With the idea and initiative of Dimitar Valchev, the Foundation have planted over 2000 trees from over 100 tree species. There are gazebos and benches placed throughout the complex. In the summer, the complex becomes very green with refreshing air, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and peace.

The memorial cross

In 2009, the Foundation has built a Cross embedded in the rock that is facing the temple. This cross was in memory of all those people that were killed, when the Kozhuh volcano erupted thousands of years ago. The project for the cross was donated by the sculptor Ivan Rusev. The cross is 40 meters high and 30 meters wide, and can be clearly seen from the temple of Baba Vanga. It was made of marble slabs, and they are placed as such, so visitors can climb up. The idea of the sculptor, is that when people climb up the cross, to symbolically repeat the path of Christ to Calvary.

The real reason for the construction of the cross is to fulfill a long-standing request of Baba Vanga. She asked the people from her closest surroundings to build something in memory of those killed when Kozhuh volcano erupted. Baba Vanga had said: “On October 14th (Petkov Day) thousands of years ago, here in the Rupite region there was a big town called Petra, which had three very large temples.” The volcano had taken the lives of thousands of people. Baba Vanga described them as “tall, and big people dressed in thin clothing shining as a tinfoil.” They were very enlightened and spiritual. The river that was flowing through the town was goldbearing, and every newborn was immersed in the water. The town gates of Petra were decorated with gilded winged animals.

“The hot abyss that swallowed this town is now sending us hot vapours, so we can treat ourselves. These are the sighs of all those that were killed. They want us to remember and honour them, and to know that they were living on these lands. Don’t forget that God  and Mother nature are stronger than men.”

Baba Vanga started to visit the Rupite in the 50-ties, but she settles permanently in the 80-ties. She had said that the superior powers have shown this place to her, so she can energetically recharge there. “Me and Baba Vanga came to the Rupite 50 years ago when it was just a wilderness – says Peter Bakov, who is from Petrich. Suddenly Baba Vanga reached inside her purse and took out something that looked like a rubber band and threw it away. It turned out that this was a viper snake. She said: The place where the snake falls, this is where you will set-up the tent.” Later, on this same place was built the house of Baba Vanga, and years later the whole complex was established.”

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