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Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 49

Baba Vanga Stories With Visitors – Story 49

Once I did my inspection in a building outside the town on my first day, we took a police car to go back. Infront of one house, I noticed hundreds of people waiting. I asked my colleagues why are those people here, and they told me that this was the house of Baba Vanga. I asked them to drop me off here, and they can go, as I will return home on foot.

I entered into the yard of the house and noticed men, women, and children who were sitting or standing nearby the fence. Judging by their clothes and luggage, I figured out that some of those people were here for days.

At one moment, a girl came out of the house and with a loud voice said: “I told you already, Baba Vanga is very tired already, and she will not take in more people for today.”

I thought she felt sick because it was in the middle of the summer, and it was very hot. I felt a little sorry, that I didn’t come at the right time, and I turned around to go to my hotel. I made 2-3 steps, and I heard another voice saying: “This man that is near the entrance – let him come.”

At the door, behind the girl I saw Baba Vanga. She looked exactly like the way people were describing her to me  – middle aged, average height, dressed very modestly. I headed towards her, passing by all those people who were looking me somewhat jealously. I was most likely very thrilled and emotionally moved, as I tripped on the rug that was at the front door. The girl invited me to go in, and I entered into Baba Vanga’s room. It was the typical rural set up – there was nothing different than the room of my parents who were living in the countryside. The same handmade rugs and table cloths placed everywhere. The same quietness, tidiness, and modesty… with my entering I was trying to stay as calm as possible so I don’t think about myself or my job.

I was sure that nobody provided information about me, as the whole meeting happened purely by chance. I didn’t even sleep on sugar, which was the common practice of most people who were visiting Baba Vanga. I didn’t stop asking myself the question how this blind woman staying in this semi-dark room found out that I was near the entrance of her yard, and she calls me when I headed back home – despite the fact that she is very tired.





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