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Zheni Kostadinova – Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon

Zheni Kostadinova – Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon

Zheni Kostadinova – Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon

Interview taken by Krasina Krasteva at Trud

Years ago Baba Vanga called PhD. Bozhidar Dimitrov and told him: “You will restore three churches. In one of them, there is a sacred well.  If water gushes out of the well, Bulgaria will start to get better.” Dimitrov told this story when indeed water had gushed out of the well, that was located in the Great Basilica in Pliska. Mrs. Kostadinova, why do we continue to refer to Baba Vanga, when we want to pay attention to something?

Zheni Kostadinova - Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon– Because her phenomenon is indisputable. Most of the predictions that she made, are happening at one point in time. She is trying to reach PhD. Dimitrov, but he is a man of science and he does not believe her. In the spring, me and Bozhidar were participating in a TV show, and he told his story about his meeting with Baba Vanga. She called him a couple of times, but he couldn’t find time to go and visit her. After some time, Bozhidar had to visit Strumitza (Macedonia), and he was travelling together with a man that was close to Baba Vanga. The prophetess told him: “Tell Bozhidar to come and see me, I have something important to tell him.” Bozhidar finally decides to visit Baba Vanga, and directly from Strumitza (30 km from Petrich) he goes to Petrich. At first he can’t find Baba Vanga at her house in Petrich, so he heads out to Rupite, where he finds her. Baba Vanga invites him, despite the fact that she already went to bed, and told him: “You are chosen to restore three churches in Bulgaria. The first one is St. 40 Martyrs in Veliko Tarnovo, St. Sofia in Sofia, and the Great Basilica in Pliska. When the three of them are restored, Bulgaria will take off this heavy cross off her shoulders, and a new path will be opened for our country.” This story happens in the 80-ties. Baba Vanga had said many times before, that the Bulgarian nation suffers because we are infidels and we killed the Bogomils. Maybe that is why these three churches are so important as being spiritual centres for our country. She used to say that Bulgaria suffers from the lack of good leaders, because for a couple of times in the past, we have been killing some of our most intelligent people.





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