Zheni Kostadinova – Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon

Zheni Kostadinova – Baba Vanga is an Indisputable Phenomenon

Where Baba Vanga receives this divine enlightenment from?

She personally says that her gift was given to her by God, and he took her physical sight, so he give her divine eyes. Do you know what I was thinking about lately, when I was looking at the sculptural portraits of the great Greek philosophers Plato, Aristotle, Socrates. They are depicted as blind. Why they don’t have eyes? Because they were also prophets. Their eyes were taken away so they don’t distract their focus with the vanity in this world, and to be able to see deeper and further. Baba Vanga had highlighted many times, that if someone claims that he had seen God, we shouldn’t believe him because nobody can’t see God. He is a large fireball in which you can’t see anything. She is giving us the hint that God is energy. Nevertheless, even in those years of widespread atheism, there were quite a few people that asked Baba Vanga whether she had seen God.

Baba Vanga refuses to make predictions about politics, but politicians are constantly drawing her into their world.

The Secret of Baba Vanga

The Secret of Baba Vanga (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Yes, that is true. A typical example would be the elections in 1994. The newspaper “Democracy” published an article, where an anonymous friend of Baba Vanga retold her words: “Bulgaria will start to improve, but it won’t be with the red ballot.” Few days after the elections were over, the newspaper “Duma” published another populist article: “Baba Vanga: The Bulgarian affairs are now in order” Then Baba Vanga herself wanted to refute those publications. Through the sport’s journalist – Vera Marinova, Baba Vanga said: “My ballot is the one of God. There is one God, and this is who I respect.”

She suffered tremendously, as many people tried to attribute words that she never said. For Baba Vanga, politics was a dirty game, and that is why she was advising women not to be part of it. Nevertheless Baba Vanga was visited by many high-ranked politicians and business leaders, before and after the communistic regime in Bulgaria.

It is well-known that Baba Vanga was close to Luydmila Zhivkova.

Yes, they were very close. I personally think that Baba Vanga knew about Lyudmila’s tragic destiny, but she didn’t reveal it. Usually she avoided to tell the very bad news to her visitors. In some cases she would get very nervous and even rude to people for who she knew something bad is about to happen. Some people have even complained by saying: “Baba Vanga just chased me away, and didn’t tell me anything.” Here, Baba Vanga barely managed to restrain “the voice” from telling the truth about a person’s future.





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