Ivanka Yaneva About Baba Vanga

Ivanka Yaneva About Baba Vanga

At first I couldn’t believe a single word of what Baba Vanga was saying. On my way out she said: ” You and I are very like-minded, and we will become close friends for whole life.” I told myself that’s nonsense – we don’t have nothing in common.

Time have passed and what she said came true with a striking accuracy. We bacame very good friends, and whenever I had a chance, I did go to see her. I remember her husband Mitko used to say: “Ivanka, if you were a sister of Baba Vanga, she probably wouldn’t have loved you so much.”

Mitko unfortunately was a drunkard, but nevertheless Baba Vanga truly loved him. She never had or ever thought to have a second husband after Mitko died. She was really suffering because she couldn’t have a normal life with him. Once I remember when she told me that it wasn’t really easy for Mitko to live with her either, because of her phenomenal skills. They loved each other very much, but were both sharing very heavy fate. She even knew when exactly Mitko will die. It was an afternoon on Friday, and we were staying together. Suddenly she just said: “Ivanka, Mitko will pass away tomorrow. Go and help my friends to prepare and clean the house.”

This is how it happen . On the next day I was at school, and they called me in the hospital. When I got there I saw Baba Vanga close to Mitko, crying out big tears. Mitko asked me to get closer to him and whispered me: “Ivanka – I don’t feel sorry that I will die young, but I feel very sorry that I am leaving Baba Vanga alone on this world. She doesn’t have her own child, she doesn’t have nobody. But you are healthy and strong, and promise me that you will help her.”

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Mitko passed away at 5:00 pm – exactly as what Baba Vanga said. Me and my husband went to her house in Petrich, and prepared everything for the funeral. Under Mitko’s bed, we found and threw away hundreds of alcoholic bottles…Baba Vanga was very sad, and did cry a lot. I couldn’t be present at the funeral, as I had a very important work in Sofia, that I couldn’t cancel. When I came back, Baba Vanga told me: “Ivanka I slept a whole day and night without waking up. I was very tired, and didn’t want to hear what people will say at the ceremony. When I fell asleep Mitko’s spirit sat nearby me – just like a little chick under his mother’s wing.”

Apparently she went into a deep trance.





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