Nikola Delev Story About Baba Vanga

Nikola Delev Story About Baba Vanga

Nikola Delev Story About Baba Vanga

Once I remember we spoke about the two genders – men and women. I asked her why she doesn’t say that she hasn’t seen men that are whoremongers, and every second woman had a slutty behaviour. She said: “The problem is not in men – it’s in women. Women create the temptation – they “raise their tails” and provoke men. And if he is a man, it is in his nature to follow his instincts and go after the female that has given him the “green light”. Women on the other hand abuse with men’s weaknesses – when they see that someone loves them, they become very presumptuous. They cross the limit, and start to want more, start to command and control their partners, and to cheat on them eventually…”

If I did comprehend just a fraction of what Baba Vanga tried to teach me, I wouldn’t have had so many problems with women. But apparently that was part of my destiny, and the prophetess used to say that nobody can escape from his own destiny path. Now when I analyze my life – all of the gold and money that I’ve had over the years, can’t give me anything in comparison to what I’ve received from my friendship with Baba Vanga.

Considering that I am a goldsmith, I did give her a lot of gold jewels made by myself as gifts. She constantly wore one ring and one thin bracelet that I gave her. She would take-off the other jewels when having visitors, as she didn’t want to create the wrong perception in people that she is materialistic, and loves to wear gold – which we all know is expensive.

Three times Baba Vanga had sent women to my jewel store, so I make them rings, so when they wear it they will get pregnant. Eventually all three got pregnant after I made their rings. Once I asked Baba Vanga why I was the one that had to make those rings – and she told me because I was blessed by my ancestors.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Once my mother told me a story that when I was three days old, my grandpa Nikola (I am named after him) came to see me, and he destined me with his words to become a good goldsmith. My grandpa was very spiritual and a strong believer, and apparently God has heard his pray, and his  blessing came true. Baba Vanga used to say that every single person has some sort of skill and talent, and if he finds it and develops it – it means that he is following the right path, or the path that God had written for him.





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