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Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

How I met Baba Vanga

I was living in the village of Parvomay, close to Petrich. My first meeting with Baba Vanga was in 1965. One evening, unexpectedly Baba Vanga and two other people came to visit my house. I got worried that I don’t have enough food to welcome my important guests,  as our local grocery store was closed. I had some leftover meal from my afternoon cooking, but that wasn’t enough for all of my guests. I went to my neighbours, and they gave some mozarela, feta cheese, olives, and wormwood wine. Baba Vanga insisted to try my homemade meal – eggplant with rice. I gave everyone 1 spoon of it, and Baba Vanga loved it so much that she was asking me to prepare it for her quite often.

When I sent off my guests, at the front door Baba Vanga told me that I will go to work at her place, and I will die there.

Twenty years later I went to live with Baba Vanga in the Rupite. Once she told me: “I put on steal shoes to rummage the world so I finally find you. It wasn’t me who chose you – it was the superior powers that guide me – they did.”

Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga became more than a mother to me. I took care of her day and night for over 12 years, until she passed away. She loved my daughters – Natasha and Stefka like her own children. Her house was always opened for them. Eventually, Baba Vanga helped us to built a small house nearby hers, so there is a place where my daughters could stay, when they were visiting her. After she passed away, the foundation that was established in the name of Baba Vanga, told us to demolish the house, as it was illegally built.

Baba Vanga About Cleanness

I remember once we had quite a few guests, and I was helping with cleaning the dishes and tiding up the kitchen. On one pot, I must have not seeing a little spot on the bottom. Somehow Baba Vanga found this spot and yelled at me to go and clean it at once. I won’t forget that – her face looked angry and grumpy on me. Sometimes she would get rude, but she never did that out of bad feelings for someone, but because she had her own set of rules when it comes to cleanness and order. You can really see her mad, if something is not clean, or put in order, the way she want it to be.





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