Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

Vitka Petrevska About Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga About Food

Baba Vanga was not a vegetarian but she rarely ate meat. She loved it when I cooked her bean, rice, or veggies’ soups. She was always telling me what products to put, in what quantities, in what sequence to mix all, and for how long to boil it. She preferred stews over roasted or fried meals. She wasn’t using that many spices, but in almost all meals she would have put black-pepper or garden’s tea. And if I or somebody else was cooking for her, the whole recipe had to be done the way she wanted it.

Once I did cook a veggie stew in my own recipe. Baba Vanga wasn’t home at the time, so I prepared the meal so she can have it for lunch. When I served her, she didn’t even touch it saying: “Vitka, why you didn’t ask me  – now you will eat your veggie stew alone.” She was really very serious about her food. Since I lived with her for 12 years every morning she would tell me: “Vitka today you will cook this and this. You will put this and this ingredient, you will boil it for this and this time.”

The food was something special to Baba Vanga – like a ritual. She strictly insisted to cook her food in a clay pot, and to stir the meal with a wooden spoon.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Baba Vanga About the Divorce

When I met Baba Vanga her husband Mitko had already passed away. She only said good things about him. Often she would say that she has had a husband for 20 years. She would mention that especially when young girls that wanted to divorce were coming to visit her for advice. She was absolutely against the divorces, and often told her visitors that even if a man marries a hundred times, he still will find flaws in his partner and will never be happy or satisfied with his marriage. That is why she was saying that whoever is your spouse you have to “walk” with him till the end, as this is your luck and your destiny.

Baba Vanga knew the day and time when she was going to pass away. Over the last few months of her life she would say: “I am a traveller for the other world Vitka, I am a traveller…” I would start crying and would tell her: “who do you leave me to? You brought me here 12 years ago, what will I do without you?”  She told me: “Well you have your daughters, they will take care of you.”

Baba Vanga did feel sorry that she didn’t have her own children, despite what she was telling her visitors that to raise one child, and to educate him, is much more important than to just give birth.





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