Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

Nikolay Stoyanov - One of Baba Vanga's RelativesInterview taken by Maya Paskova

Mr. Stoyanov, do you remember your first meeting with Baba Vanga?

Yes, I remember when my father, my aunt and I went to Baba Vanga’s wedding with Dimitar. I know her since I was 4. Under different circumstances my family ended up living in Petrich. My very first impression about Baba Vanga, was her extraordinary white face and her closed eyelids. Year and a half later, as a result of an ordinary story I found out that she was not like the others. A relative to our family had given sugar to my grandmother so she can take it to Baba Vanga. Back at the days, taking the train to Petrich was a long travel. My grandmother couldn’t take the sugar on the same night, so she went to visit Baba Vanga tomorrow. So we both entered the room and at the door Baba Vanga had said: “Maria, this sugar that you bring me is not for the woman that gave it to you. It gives me information for you. Those candies that my best man had sent are very delicious”. I was stoned how come she knew so much. For the first time I made myself the explanation that there was some kind of mystery around Baba Vanga.

When you live nearby Baba Vanga you develop another set of sensitivity skills, and from a young age you understand that beside our world, there are other possible worlds, and there are conventions in everything. I also learned that someone is watching every step we make, and the older I get, the more I think about the miracles that area happening.

-Did Baba Vanga help her relatives?

For the first time my family asked Baba Vanga for help about a relative of ours – he was the son of one of the well-known revolutionists at the time. His name was Metodi and when he was about 16 years old, he crossed the border. He went to Greece, but he got caught and was placed in a camp. He manages to escape from the camp and comes back to Sofia, where he was locked in Kazichene, in the juvenile prison. Again he manages to escape and goes to Petrich, as he was in love with the daughter of the first secretary of the communist party in town. Finally he reaches the African union, where he marries the daughter of a big tycoon who owned one of the largest diamond mines. At one point the connection between my family and Metodi was lost. One day Baba Vanga said: “Oh, oh, I see bad news. Metodi has been killed, I see grave.” After a while we have received a letter from the Red Cross that had the testimony of a pastor who was in one cell with Metodi. He had started to help the blacks by supplying them with weapons, and they have put him on trial and locked him in prison. When he tries to escape, he was shot and killed. The pastor’s testimony did match one in one with what Baba Vanga had said.

A second time we used the help of Baba Vanga about one of my cousins. She was married to a Russian, and they were living in the Czech Republic. One night, exalted revolutionists enter their home and throw her out through the balcony – one of the many innocent victims of the Czech’s Spring. Baba Vanga had thoroughly described the scene, which again matched against the testimony of the witnesses.





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