Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

– You said that your father was the best man at Baba Vanga’s wedding with Dimitar…

On the contrary of what most people have written, Baba Vanga comes to Bulgaria for the first time in 1941, when the border is opened. My aunt who found out that her cousin is in a very bad situation, took her to Petrich. Not typically for the region, a severe winter takes over, and because of the snow, Baba Vanga stays in Petrich for 6 months. This is where she meets with Dimitar. He went to ask her about his brother who was killed at the fields with a stone, when he was burying some treasure. Baba Vanga had told him: “I will tell you what happened to your brother, but you have to marry me.” There is a little detail to that story. At the moment, Dimitar was married to a beautiful woman from Petrich. I don’t know how he had the courage, but he broke the marriage, and married Baba Vanga who was 10 years older than him. He was a man of labour, but in no way spiritual who can get impressed at the phenomenal skills of Baba Vanga. He definitely had a hard time – hundreds of people were staying infront of their house each day coming to find answers to their tragedies. In addition, it might have been oppressive to live with a woman that can read your mind and every future step of yours. Eventually Dimitar started to drink, and at a fairly young age he died of cirrhosis.

­­- Were you a witness at some of Baba Vanga’s predictions?

When she was saying important predictions for the whole humanity, she described them with a lot of conventionality. For example: “Protect Kursk, Remember Prague”, etc.

I personally have been a witness at more humble stories. Once I remember that Dzhagarov asked me to take Baba Vanga to Sofia to read on one famous Soviet writer. She didn’t like to sleep on other beds, but she came. We were four people in the room with Baba Vanga – Dzhagarov, the writer, the secretary of International Affairs at the Union of Writers, and I. At one moment Baba Vanga said: “You are a great writer. This name that you have is not yours. You father was killed in the war when you were born. Your mother married a good man, who gave you the name”. The writer became pale and shaky: “This secret is only between my mother and me.” He gave her one gilded glass as a gift. To Dzhagarov Baba Vanga said that he has to stop drinking otherwise he will die of kidney failure. Eventually this is exactly what happened. To the secretary Baba Vanga didn’t say a word, as he was a bad man.

Baba Vanga didn’t have a mercy to women. What she would forgive men, she won’t for women. I remember one morning how she chased away a beautiful young woman, who was first in line. “You want to get a divorce, and you come to ask me. Get out of here! There is woman from Razgrad next in line. Her child is sick – she has a real problem, not you.”





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