Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

– Did Baba Vanga ever help you?

I have never asked her anything about myself because I was scared. She had told me things that were rather humorous. My first mother-in-law was a daughter-in-law of a Minister. She really insisted to invite Baba Vanga at my wedding. The wedding event took place at the Journalist Club, and for a moment I had a sense of relieve as the whole attention will be on Baba Vanga. I decided to introduce her to my brother-in-law. She just nodded her head and said: “You will also have other brother-in-laws…” The very same night Baba Vanga had to visit the Government hospital and we started to look for our driver. She said: “Stop looking for him, as he is very drunk now.” She even said the exact address of the driver. The Dramatist Pancho Panchev who didn’t drink alcohol and was a vegetarian came with his car. He took us to the address that Baba Vanga had mentioned, and without a surprise we found the driver – absolutely hammered.”

I was in Petrich one day and Baba Vanga said to me: “You will travel abroad by train – be careful what you talk about in the compartment.”

I took the train to Budapest, and a minute before the train departed, a man with a business coat and a small suitcase entered in my compartment. I recalled what Baba Vanga told me, so I was very quiet – I only mentioned that I am going to Budapest, nothing else. When I was getting off the train, he introduced himself – it turned out he was working for the police.

– In your book you write about people and events that have an indirect connection with Baba Vanga. What was the Government’s attitude toward her?

Baba Vanga had many problems with the authorities before and after September 9th, 1944. To Tsar Boris she said: “You have spread around the country, but your power will shrink into a walnut shell. The world will get red”. Then she told him to remember the date – August 26. He had stood motionless, and exited Baba Vanga’s house very confused. Very similar predictions were given to the Tsar Boris from another clairvoyant – Lulchev. On August 26, Tsar Boris died.

Back at the days they also had informers, so they have locked Baba Vanga at the prison in Petrich, because she said the world will become red. My father, who was studying law at the time, went to speak with the chief of the local police and told him: “Are you crazy to believe in the words of one blind woman. The whole world will laugh at you”. After this meeting, they released my aunt. After 9th of September, the authorities got even worse and more evil with her.





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