Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

Nikolay Stoyanov – One of Baba Vanga’s Relatives

– Was Baba Vanga tapped?

Yes, and she knew very well that she was recorded. Her house was full with attached microphones. When she wanted to tell someone something more special, she was asking him to go out for a walk in the garden. As she was doing phenomenal readings that could not be explained by science, at one point the authorities decided to “legalize” her work by giving her guards, and setting up organization for bookings. She was even given a salary of 136 levs (about $110) and was a Government employee of the municipality.  They also allowed scientists like PhD George Lozanov and PhD Shipkovenski to examine her.

– In one of the movies dedicated on Baba Vanga, it was claimed that she had met Hitler…

In one of the last movies on her, there was one fictitious meeting with  Hitler. That is an absolute nonsense. According to the producer of the movie, Baba Vanga had met with Hitler in the Rupite. She went to live in this area in 1983-1984. Hitler was long gone by that time. Her real meeting with Tsar Boris was also shown but in a very profane way. Overall this movie was very poor.

Another interesting story that is not widely spread is the meeting between Baba Vanga and Leonid Brezhnev. It was 1958 and Brezhnev was only secretary of the Central Committee. I heard the story from Sasho Abadzhiev who was a journalist as well as interpreter at the cabinet of Vulko Chervenkon – the Bulgarian prime minister at the time. For the very first time Brezhnev came to Bulgaria to attend the funeral of a notable politician and Sasho Abadzhiev was accompanying him everywhere they went. When they got on the car, and left Sofia and explosion was heard. Sasho Abadzhiev jumped infront of Brezhnev to protect him with his body. Brezhnev was so impressed that he asked to have Sasho Abadzhiev as an interpreter for all his visits to Bulgaria or when a Bulgarian delegation is visiting Moscow. So in this same year of 1958 Brezhnev went to visit Baba Vanga. He went out very exalted and happy. Three years later he confessed to Abadzhiev that Baba Vanga had told him that he will become the first man in Russia.

– Baba Vanga was close to Lyudmila Zhivkova…

Yes they were contacting each other at an occult level. After the death of Lyudmila, Baba Vanga was saying: “I can’t forgive myself that I couldn’t see this death, it wasn’t written”. Baba Vanga used to say that our destiny has been programmed and depends on the other wolrd, and our ability to change it is as large as a mustard seed.

Todor Zhivkov kept a respectful distance with Baba Vanga, but he didn’t stop her daughter to contact her. Baba Vanga had met him two times. The first time she had told him something about his guerrilla years. The second time she asked him for a favour – to get a passport so she can go to France. In her dream she had a contact with Mother Marry and she had told her that her mother from one of her previous lives wants to see her at the Notre-Dame de Paris. There was some kind of a reflection on the wall of the cathedral. Zhivkov had told her that she can go, but not with her name. She just turned around and left the room.

When I lived in France, I had visited this catholic cathedral many times but I couldn’t see any reflections on any of the walls inside. However, three years ago when I went there again I noticed some kind if images behind the altar, but I couldn’t pass through so I can get closer. Next time I went with Nikolay Yakimov who broght some powerful cameras and we did a photo session. We found something very interesting which I have described in my book. This is when I understood that we are not supposed to learn everything that is given to us.





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