Spaska Vangelova About Baba Vanga

Spaska Vangelova About Baba Vanga

Spaska Vangelova About Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga About Cleanliness

It was 1955 – I was 14 at the time. I went to see Baba Vanga, and she asked me to sweep the yard. I took the broom, and spent at least an hour, to thoroughly clean the area. Then on my way home Baba Vanga told me: “Well you sweep well my dear, but when you go to your mother-in-law is this how you are going to sweep her yard?” It turned out, that somehow Baba Vanga had noticed a little bean husk behind the yard door, that I have missed. I don’t know what is this called, but her sense of cleanliness was a precedent. I remember very well one day when we had a celebration at Baba Vanga’s house. The guests brought some wine, grilled turkey, baklava. We had a nice party, and after it finished I rolled up my sleeves and when to the kitchen to help with the dishes. On the very last dish, I didn’t see a microscopic tomato spot, which again was noticed by Baba Vanga. “Is this how you wash the dishes? Why did you rush through the last dish – how can I serve it like that to my guests?”  – she said to me. I really got mad and replied: “Well I will no longer wash your dishes or sweep your yard. What can I do – I can’t “see” so perfectly as you do.”

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

She yelled back at me: “Shame on you – I don’t have eyes but I see better than you! Be more focused the next time”

Baba Vanga was a very gifted knitter. She knitted the most beautiful vests I have ever seen. One time, without asking her I grabbed her knitting, and did a few rows. She was mad at me as she didn’t like what I have done at all. She was right, the part that I did was significantly different than hers. I don’t remember if I knew a person that was able to knit so smoothly and evenly like Baba Vanga.

When she was younger, Baba Vanga was cooking every day. Everything she prepared was amazingly delicious. I don’t know if she was casting spells on her meals, what was it, but her meals were so soft and sweet as honey. She cooked everything on a low heat. Her bean stew was probably the best I’ve ever tasted. She also cooked a lot of vegetarian meals.

We had this joke where I would taste something and would ask her about the recipe, and she wouldn’t tell me what it is, as I have eyes and I am suppose to watch and learn by myself. She taught me how to make miraculous banitza (staffed fillo with feta cheese) and tikvenic (staffed fillo with pumpkin). She loved to invite people, and to serve them her meals. She didn’t eat much – just enough so she survives. What she loved very much was Anis liquor. She used to joke: “If I don’t drink Anis, how can I read on people? The Anis helps me to remember more.”

Often she was giving me a shot of Anis, so I make her company. Indeed the Anis did make me feel refreshed, and not drunk at all. Baba Vanga always was stocked with her favourite drink, and often asked people to bring her more, when she finished her reserves.





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