Spaska Vangelova About Baba Vanga

Spaska Vangelova About Baba Vanga

As mentioned already, I knew Baba Vanga and her husband since they came to Petrich. My step father was their best man at their wedding. The sister of my step mother was engaged to Mitko. My parents told me the story that when Mitko was 20 years old, he went to Strumitza to ask Baba Vanga about his brother who disappeared during the war. Baba Vanga directly told him that he will leave his fiancé and will marry her, because this was a written destiny. Mitko couldn’t believe her words at first, but later this is exactly how it happened.

At first they lived in a small and miserable house that only had one room and a hallway. Later Mitko built himself a bigger house – he was a very gifted handyman. This is when hundreds of people started to visit Baba Vanga every day. They improved their financial situation, and few years later Mitko became an alcoholic. He was a very good man.

My destiny was similar – I also had a drunkard in my house. I remember I asked Baba Vanga how can I help my husband and she replied: “If there was a cure for this disease, I would have first helped my husband, and then help others. If this is your luck, you will bear it the way it is, until you or he dies.”

One time I asked Baba Vanga why she didn’t give birth to a child. She answered: “I could give birth to 10 children if I wanted to. But it is not only important to do that – you have to raise a child, you have to educate it. If I take one misfortunate child and help him – will I be not a mother?”

Before her husband became an alcoholic they had a happy and united life. Baba Vanga had guests very often, and she and her husband were great hosts. Over the years, when they decided not to have their own children, they decided to adopt one. Veneta was their first adopted child. She was from Resilovo village, province of Dupnitza. She came from a family that had three children, and they were living in great misery. Baba Vanga and Mitko asked the parents if they can take care of their daughter and they agreed. They haven’t adopted her officially, and took her home when she was 3. Later when Baba Vanga became a widow, she adopted her second child – Dimitar Valtchev. She went to Kapatovo village and asked the father of Dimitar – Krastyo, if she can raise him. Without a lot of hesitation, Krastyo agreed as similarly to Veneta’s parents, his family was very poor and they barely met the two ends. Dimitar was about 12-13 years old. He graduated school with distinction, and then went to Moscow to study law. He graduated it, and later became a well-respected prosecutor.





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