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Nikolay Stoyanov: The Case Baba Vanga

Nikolay Stoyanov: The Case Baba Vanga

Dimitar must have had this vague feeling that since Baba Vanga has this futuretelling skills, they will always have money in the family. She didn’t ask for money, but people were so grateful so they often gave her some. Not to mention the period when she was officially employeed by the Bulgarian state. Baba Vanga contributed a lot of money for the Petrich municipality – we are talking about millions of levs. The fee for Bulgarians was much lower than the fees for foreigners.

So there were tax levies on her income?

No, all of the money went for the municipality. Baba Vanga had a Government salary. There were few other people that were also Government employees, who worked with Baba Vanga. She had a driver, a security guard, and a group of people that took care of her. They all had salaries from the Government.

There is something else. Today every second fortuneteller is claimed to be a charlatan and is both exposed and investigated. With the case of Baba Vanga, there was an “umbrella” from “above”. How do you explain this paradox?

A time had come when the authorities found out that Baba Vanga is a unique phenomenon that contradicts the materialistic and atheistic views of communistic Bulgaria. At the same time it was clear that this cannot be hidden for a long time, and sooner or later more and more people will find out. The huge interest in Baba Vanga could have created other serious problems, so the authorities decided to give her the opportunity to help people, in the form of “scientific research”. She had a sign on her door saying: “Subject. Institute of Suggestology”.

The head of the Institute was PhD. Georgi Lozanov. Not until you wrote that he was under home arrest for 10 years, nobody would have known his tragic fate.

He had a heart attack, then a stroke. His years of home arrest were more than 10 years. During this time, he didn’t come out of his home. They took everything he had worked on, they closed his institute, and they arrested him at the airport. He carried some recordings of Baba Vanga and her reading séances, so he can share these at a scientific symposium. This is why he got arrested. The authorities ruined his life, while the Russian scientists that were not slaves of the ideology to its extreme, were able to do a lot of examinations and research on Baba Vanga.





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