Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Baba Vanga and her ability to see

After Baba Vanga finished receiving people, we were left alone to talk. She told me about her difficult childhood, about her youth, spent in misery and poverty, about the blizzard and her going blind. To the question, when she started “to see” and to prophesy, she answered:

“In 1941, when there was war, there were partisans and people started to disappear. They came and asked me about missing people. The first time was during a dream. I dreamt that one of my neighbours was fussing about her missing dress. And I could see the dress in the chest of drawers. In the morning, I went to her house and saw her angry. I asked her what was going on. “I am looking for a dress, who knows where I’ve put it, I can’t find it.”

“Did you check in the chest of drawers?” She startled, opened the chest and found the dress inside. I told her that I saw that in my dream. This happened again and again, people started talking about it and coming up to me for help. Most often for missing people. Gradually, I started seeing things when I was awake as well. When someone came up to me and asked me – all at once I could “see” – the place, the person, what he was dressed in, if he was alive, what he was doing – and I simply told them what I saw.”

“And how do you see these things – as if on a photograph or moving?”, I asked.

“I see them moving. When a person enters my house and I take the sugar cube, that they were supposed to put under their pillow, sleep over, and bring to me – I start seeing images – they move from left to right. These are live images of places, people, whole events, accidents. Sometimes they are so many and moving so fast that I can hardly manage to tell what I am seeing, and I can’t stop them. They pass and then disappear. That is why I ask people what they have come up to me for – to seek advice for an illness, for something lost, to get a job, to conceive a child – this way I can tell them what is of interest to them. Otherwise I can miss something important. And they blame me for asking questions. I only tell what I can see. I don’t make it up. Sometimes a person would come to me, but I can’t see anything and I send them away. Tell them I can’t help them. And they get angry, say they were waiting for months on end, have paid to see me. But there is nothing I can do – when I can’t see anything, I can’t lie, can I!





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