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Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

“I’m not conjuring up anything, they come up to me on their own. When a person enters the room, the images of his or her relatives appear. I have had cases, when I was sleeping and a voice would wake me up. “Go and tell the man who is waiting at the door about his child”. I want to sleep, it’s 2 o’clock at night. But the the voice insists to go! I get up, open the door and indeed there is a man waiting there. I tell him about his child and he goes away. Only then can I go back to sleep. Sometimes, there would be some holiday – with music, songs, celebrations. I would like to go out, be among people, listen to the music. But someone would pass by me and and the images would start moving in front of my eyes, and the souls would shout: “Tell him this, tell him that”. I am never left at peace, I want to run home and hide inside. This is all very tiresome for me. Only at the Rupite can I recover.”

Baba Vanga didn’t like all the noise around her name, that’s why she shunned interviews, press, television. After prof. Nikola Shipkovensky together with Nevena Tosheva made their documentary Baba Vanga complained to me:

”They put some wires on my head, turned on lights, machines buzzed, something started banging in my head, as if it would burst. No, no more experiments, no more photoshoots! Two weeks after that I couldn’t recover.”

But she realized her own uniqueness and had self-esteem that allowed her to be on personal terms with everyone, regardless of their position or social status. She felt that she was a representative of something greater, something which was above all earthly matters. And nevertheless she was very modest. I have never heard her boast with her capabilities, as many of those who have pronounced themselves as her followers do nowadays. I have never heard from her words of envy or malice, when someone told her about the achievements of others who have pronounced themselves as her successors. She would say: “Good, good, let there be others as well who can work and help”.

Sometimes, in order to promote themselves, someone would pronounce themselves as her successor – as if pointed out by Baba Vanga herself. I would ask her if it was true. and she would answer surprised: “How could I tell? This is all God’s will.” Nevertheless, I have met at least a dozen of such “successors”.





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