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Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Baba Vanga was always very considerate towards the beliefs of people. People would come to her from different nationalities, with different political and religious beliefs. She never blamed them. A colleague from section “Atheism” visited her once. She politely invited him: “I know that you are my enemy, but sit down here and listen up!” Then she told him all about his family and his professional status, without reproaching him or defending herself. To believers she recommended to go to church, to make a pledge, to pray, to make a ritual sacrifice.

Baba Vanga was a great patriot. She never denied her Macedonian descent, but she regarded it as part of Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian people. If someone came up to her for advice on immigrating she would rebuke him and expose him in front of everyone. She didn’t spare the mother from Vratsa either, the one whose son had immigrated to Germany. “You didn’t bring him up well” she accused her.

The Baba Vanga Phenomenon

What is the attitude of science towards the phenomenon that Baba Vanga and others like her represent? To sum up – negative. And this is not valid for Bulgaria only (until recently due to ideological prejudice), but globally as well. The reason – the discrepancy between the established methods and means for research in rational science and the specific nature and uniqueness of the phenomenal capabilities we see in Baba Vanga and in some other individuals. Incapable to provide whatever explanation for these phenomena, it is easiest for science to deny their reality, declare them as mysticism, superstition and ignore them.

It was not like that in the past. The wise men from ancient times who studied science were all at once priests, scientists, astronomers and astrologists, physicians and healers, mathematicians and philosophers… Many of them had extrasensory capabilities themselves and used them in their studies.

Only after the Renaissance did the rational approach in science acquire priority. Having demonstrated extraordinary success in natural and technical sciences, it overshadowed entirely the other, spiritual types of knowledge – art, esoterics. But rational knowledge is limited and one-sided. It aims to discover the common, the unchanging, the repetitive pattern in different entities and classifies it in concepts, categories and laws. At the same time, this approach fails to provide understanding of the unique, the emotional, the irrational. Nowadays, the devastating consequences of this one-sided approach are becoming ever more obvious.





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