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Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

Stoyu Stoev About Baba Vanga – Phenomenon That Is Yet To Be Studied

I would also like to mention the experiments of V. Kazancheev with living cells proving the transmission of information on a cellular level. All living creatures are made of cells and can therefore transmit information on a cellular level. Humans are also part of this world and as living creatures we are made of tens of billions of living cells. Why would we then limit information only to that perceived through the sensory organs? The latter is dressed in words and reaches the mind. It is indeed clear and precise, the rational knowledge can work with it. And the rest information, received by the cells and stored in the organism is enormously vast both in volume and diversity. It cannot be consciously understood, but its data is also used and manifested (through intuition and the sixth sense) and it plays a vital part in ordinary life, especially in critical situations and creative processes.

The ability to receive and use extrasensory information is innate in every human being, but the difference is in the degree to which this can be done, and it all depends on the individual – some are more sensitive, others – less so. In ancient times, when man lived closer to nature this information played a vital part in his life. People with greater sensitivity were chosen as children to undergo special education and became priests and shamans. Even today, these capabilities are more common in people who live closer to nature – shepherds, sailors. The rest, closed off in their concrete buildings, rely primarily on their sensory input. And it is not surprising that extrasensory capabilities often appear or come to life after a shocking event (like the blizzard in Baba Vanga’s case) and more often in people who are less educated and thus are less prone to use strong logic.

What is specific and very favourable in Baba Vanga’s case is that she has high adaptability. This enables her to adapt to e person’s transmission and receive information on the problems that are of interest to them as soon as they enter her home.

Another characteristic thing for Baba Vanga is the use of sugar cubes. Science confirms that information can be transmitted and preserved not only from living entities but also from non-organic objects, especially such with crystal stucture, like sugar, precious metals, ornaments and others with which the person was in contact. That is why Baba Vanga says – when the person shows up or when I take the sugar cubes, images start to appear.





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