Herbal Elixirs

Academician Hlebarov: Preparing Healing Herbal Elixirs is a True Art Making!

Academician Hlebarov, has your profession as a chemical engineer contributed to creating and applying in practice the healing herbal elixirs?

It was the basis. Without such qualification it wouldn’t have been possible for me to create efficient herbal mixtures. In order to be effective, herbs should be prepared in a very specific manner – as a water-ethanol solutions.

Let me explain – with water-ethanol herbal solutions we first extract the water-soluble substances from the herbs and then the fat-soluble substances; and this can only be done by a chemical engineer. Doctors can’t achieve this, not to mention the so called herbalists. Remember that herbs can only work in very specific conditions. For instance, if the solution is over 35° proof, it won’t work.

It is necessary to extract both the fat-soluble and the water-soluble substances from the herbs at the same time, together. Only then will the herbal mixture be effective. In this regard, I can say I work for the doctors, that is, I help them. My profession is the extraction. This is the main thing. No offence, but there is no way someone who simply knows herbs would dry, grind, boil them and achieve the same effect. This is not possible. With our method of extraction things are very precise. Do you know that the West, as we now call the developed civilized countries, has not managed to succeed in two spheres only? These are radiation and herbs.

In every other sphere they invest billions, but with these two…

Why couldn’t they succeed, maybe they didn’t want to?

You may find it hard to believe, but I think that we, our country – Bulgaria, have been destined from the Cosmos to help the world through our herbs. These specific herbs with such powerful effect are native to our country only. Each country is given something, which makes it unique. Let’s take for instance the German steel. I have tried many times to understand its exact contents, but couldn’t.  This is just an example, so you can understand that here there are cosmic energies at play.

What provoked you to create the elixirs – did this happen at once or was it a long process? In another interview you mention that those who have a true vocation to know and understand the secrets of herbs are very few…

I was 34 years old at the time and I have never, up to that moment, imagined that I would work in medicine and extraction. But I gradually realized this, and of course it was a long process – requiring nearly 20 years of preparation in order to create nearly 800 herbal elixirs. But what I said about the vocation to work and heal with herbs – I really mean this. I must have been a doctor in a previous life and that’s why I was given the opportunity to get to the essence of healing with herbs. Let me repeat once again – in order to have effective healing power, herbs should be prepared as water-ethanol solutions. If you take some herbs and dry, grind and boil them and so on most of the substances would be wasted. Here is an example. I accept that bioenergy can have effect on people.

But if there are chlamydia in the bones, how will bioenergy remove them? Can it fight AIDS, tuberculosis? There is no way, but if you use herbal extracts as well, it is possible. Yes, there is energy, but there should also be a product to combine it with.

Are Bulgarian herbs the only ones that can heal so effectively?

Bulgarian herbs can do what no other herbs can. No less. I have been in 15 other countries and have researched things extensively. I have offices for distribution of the elixirs in, for instance, Nigeria, Zambia, and South Africa – especially as far as supportive treatment of AIDS is concerned. But things are almost always hindered by administration, regulation, taxes and other issues. They create obstacles for the market instead of facilitating it.

In this regard, what is your opinion of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, or of Eastern medicine as a whole?

I am not the one to say “no “or “yes” to Eastern medicine. I can only say that with my medicines everything has passed and been approved by scientific councils. I am a chemical engineer; I have my own academy registered by the court. I cannot say if, and to what extent, Chinese medicine works. A man from India came to me and said he’s bringing a pill that will smack down headache. I took the pill, divided it in half and tested what is inside – analgesic…

Let’s go back to your research and your elixirs. What is your goal with these? To help in treatment or to act as prevention of diseases? Or maybe, to affect the reason for the specific disease?

My contribution lies in the fact that I can pinpoint the reason for the diseases – there are, all in all, four different causes for most diseases – bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal parasites. Name any illness, and its cause would be one of these four.
Which of these causes cancer?

The trichomonas and intestinal worms. Anyone who sleeps on their stomach or on one side, bites their nails and grinds their teeth – they probably have intestinal worms. There are many research papers on this topic by Russian and American authors. I can also tell you the reason for diabetes; don’t be surprised – this is the Helicobacter Pylori. It hinders the production of insulin. In 2005 two Australian scientists proved in an undeniable way that the cause of all types of allergies was again the Helicobacter Pylori. And, something else – every gout disease is also caused by the Helicobacter. As you can see, everything goes back to these four causes, they are the reason people get sick.

Academician Hlebarov, are you serious about the intestinal worms?

Do you think I am joking? I am more than serious. There are over 100 types of intestinal worms and they are not elementary at all. The problem is that they can’t be detected with tests. It is necessary to make tests in three consecutive days, not only in one day, this will help for proper detection. You can’t imagine the damage that intestinal worms do to the human organism, and not just as one of the causes of cancer. All neurological diseases are also caused by intestinal parasites. They cause intoxication of the body. Stress is in its nature an imbalance between positive and negative emotions. Do you know that there is no mental institution where the inmates are not infected with intestinal parasites. The same goes for prisons as well. You may not believe it but a man would never commit a crime if they don’t have intestinal worms. I can guarantee it. I have observed a lot of people, it is easy to say – this guy got crazy and committed a crime… And there is something else you should know – if you get rid of the worms, you will also get rid of any addiction – to alcohol, drugs… Of course, the elixirs will help in treatment but first you have to get rid of the intestinal worms. And this is easy to do – four times a day, eat one spoonful of peeled, raw pumpkin seeds. Then there is a specific elixir that is used.

Herbal tinctures are additional means for stabilizing the patient’s condition.

The aim is to cleanse the body of all chemicals – this will facilitate the healing process.

Academician Hlebarov, now that we’ve learnt what causes the diseases, let’s talk about curing them.

Let me emphasize that the herbal tinctures help mostly in the process of healing. I will again give an example with diabetes –with this disease it is clear that the patient should continue taking their medication, the herbal elixir helps stabilize the patient’s overall condition, and in this way, gradually, a moment is reached when the doctor will decrease the medication’s dosage. In other words, the elixir acts as a supporting treatment. It is not possible to cure a disease like this at once. But we can very quickly stabilize the person’s condition. The same is valid for bone spurs (osteophytes) – the elixir stabilizes the general condition. As for cancer – the herbal tinctures can help up to stage 3, in stage 4 – that would not be possible. But let me repeat once again – it is caused by trichomonas and chlamydia, and they should be attacked. They should be destroyed and the body cleansed in order to achieve some effect. In this way proper conditions will be created so the elixirs can be applied. Let me emphasize again – yes, the herbal tincture does help, but in combination with the other medications. Here I should mention chemotherapy. It is recommended to take the respective elixir when undergoing chemotherapy. The problem with chemicals is this – the body should be cleansed after the therapy. This is achieved with the help of the elixirs. All my products are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Do you have anything to say about heart diseases and thyroid diseases?

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis relates to a damaged thyroid gland and you are forced to take a type of “poison” till the end of your life. The elixirs can help regulate things here as well. But let me mention something important – it all comes from the fact that a lot of men make sex only for insemination. They should understand that women need orgasm, not just insemination. It is necessary to change this, the woman should be given the freedom to control the sexual relations between the two. Now, regarding cardiovascular diseases – all bacteria and viruses that enter the body go through the heart. They cause the blood to thicken. This leads to atherosclerosis in the blood system. Bad eating habits and smoking have an additional effect on that. And let me repeat once again, an important thing I am trying to make everyone understand – cleanse your body from intestinal worms and you will forget about diseases.

Is there a specific elixir for each disease or are individual patients prescribed different treatments?

I have created herbal tinctures for almost all diseases. Even for 20 new diseases that do not exist yet.

What do you mean?

These are diseases that will soon appear. For instance, have you heard about the so called vibration disease. I mean the vibrations coming from computers, television sets and so on – at one point the muscles can no longer sustain the pressure and you lose control. And what does that lead to – multiple sclerosis, tremors, Parkinson’s diseases – all of these appear with sclerosis of the circulatory system. Bear in mind that this is very serious matter.

As far as I understood, you have undertaken a fight with radiation, or, more precisely – preventing the effects of radiation. Tell us about this!

I will start by saying that it has already been proven that if you regularly use one of my elixirs, which is for stimulation of the immune system, you will be safe from any radiation effects. Moreover, if an atomic bomb was to fall within 5-6 km from you this will not affect the cells of your body. I have published several books on the topic – for instance regarding Strontium and so on. We all know how many nuclear power plants there are. Yes, we are in need of real prevention from the effects of this radiation, as well as from the preservatives and additives in food. Look how many people there are with arthrosis, joint pains. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but this is the most frightening thing – explosions of nuclear power plants can happen. The radiation level is constantly rising. I tried to do something, submitted a request for cooperation, but it got covered up. I am the only specialist in the world who can offer prevention from the radiation effects. I am even about to release a special drink I have worked on over the last year and a half. Let’s hope this will happen.

Academician Hlebarov, we reached the topic of prevention. It’s certainly the most important one, isn’t it?

Let me first explain something else. For me,  it is important to restore order in medicine, to stop working in this haphazard manner, as we do now. I want to give doctors a powerful weapon, to restore their authority. They will only benefit from this. Otherwise, what do they do now – use products that clog the circulatory system. I will give you an example. I have a patient with multiple sclerosis. She’s been using one of my elixirs for 8 years and a half. And she’s finally started producing red blood cells. In other words – I got her back to life. However, she’s suffering from arthrosis as well, which means we should cleanse her organism from chlamydia and trichomonas. What I suggest and find very important, although it is constantly ignored -are the regular washes. Vaginal washes. Believe me, this is something unique – it should be done before and after having sex. I will again give you a specific example with one of my patients, who suffers from AIDS. She’s been my patient for 13 years, she’s been using my elixirs and already has healthy cells.

What other specific suggestions do you have for prevention of diseases?

I can suggest the following. In order to be properly processed by our organism, meat, fish, chicken should be chopped and soaked in beer in the refrigerator for 24 hours before cooking. This preparation facilitates the production of a specific substance – a product of the higher fatty acids. Always add one teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of baking soda in your meals. Swallow a raw bean every morning and evening, do simple exercises – for instance do 20 squats. Here I want to mention again something important, something I would call disgusting. Swimming in public swimming pools almost always leads to chlamydial infections. Remember that chlamydia are very persistent, there is no getting rid them if you are not careful yourself. Women, for instance, should place a tampon before going into public swimming pools. After going out of the pool, wash yourself thoroughly – the eyes, the whole body. If you allow these parasites to enter your body, you will soon start complaining from bone and joint pains.

That’s what chlamydia do, they are at the basis of diseases, and are very difficult to detect. From there on, after such an infection the joints start creaking and popping, the cartilagemelts down, the bones start getting damaged.. and you may develop bone cancer. This is the truth. I have one such patient, whose problems started exactly from this – while she was young she was swimming a lot in public pools and contracted a chlamydial infection. Then the pains in the joints and bones started, she gets pains in the shoulder, has bone spurs. And something else. Don’t eat bread made with yeast.

What is the advantage that herbs have over medications? Please, explain it in a simple way.

Herbs are the only available product on the planet, which, when prepared in the proper way I explained at the beginning – as a mixture of fat-soluble and water-soluble substances – can have such a powerful effect. Everything else is just empty words. I want to educate people so they can use the priceless gift that herbs are to their benefit. For instance – there is treatment for multiple sclerosis, I supplement it with the necessary elixir and things get stable. I want to help doctors as well.

I forgot to ask you about your opinion on homeopathy – another modern, or rather very old, but recently popular alternative method for treatment?

Homeopathy is already “denounced” by the World Health Organisation. Let me emphasize once again – the most important health-related problems that have to be solved are radiation and preservatives, and homeopaths can’t offer a solution here. If the efficiency of a method is not proven, no one will start opening clinics and so on. This is my personal opinion, I don’t want to impose it on anyone. Things are much or less similar with those who “heal” on television. What can I say!

And what about vaccines?

I am absolutely against vaccines. There is no way a vaccine can help when you don’t know what type of virus is expected. Here the herbal elixirs come to help. If you drink them, your immune system will be stable and you will not need any vaccines.

At the moment your immune system crashes – the disease starts. Here is an example – what do you thing AIDS is? It’s exactly this – a weakening of the immune system and then one can get ill from anything. That’s why I am constantly talking about prevention. And what I do is prevention. Through the herbal medical products. I want to help people and protect them. Most of them are with bone pains, with bone spurs. The prostate is also very susceptible to treatment with the herbal tinctures. Do you know that any skin condition is related to staphylococci?And what about hospital infections? We should respect our health, and whoever can really help, should do it.

All in all, do we have a reason to be optimistic? You reviewed so many serious problems, but at the same time you say that there is a way for them to be overcome?

This is the key to salvation – being optimistic. But you are provoking me again. The greatest number of people on the planet have died from colon cancer. And what about pneumonia? As a conclusion let me say the following. Some time ago 3 million Bulgarian leva were allocated for counting birds in the sky, while I, a year and a half before that had developed and proposed an elixir for atypical pneumonia… That’s a typical example for prevention in this direction.