alternative dimension

Alternative Dimension – On The Border Between Science, Science Fiction and Esotericism

Do our choices give birth to an alternative dimension in which we begin to exist in different versions of ourselves?

The theory of the existence of alternative dimensions lies on the border between science, science fiction and esotericism. A lot has been said and written on this topic. However, to this day there is no definite and unequivocal answer to the question: Do alternative dimensions really exist and is our own dimension is one of many?

According to the defenders of the theory, there are many galaxies similar to ours in the universe. There are an infinite number of worlds in which each one of us multiplies depending on the choices we make. Simply put – each choice we make gives birth to multiple dimensions in which we begin to exist in different versions of ourselves. Each of these worlds seals a parallel life of ours completely different in terms of circumstances and events.

From a scientific point of view, there is still no hard evidence for the existence of this phenomenon. But this does not mean that people from scientific circles are not interested, do not support the theory and do not work on this topic. It is exactly the opposite.

“The most interesting question related to parallel galaxies, for me, is not whether they exist, but how many varieties of them are there,” said Dr. Max Tegmark from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in an interview.

According to him, at the moment we do not have the technology through which we can see or in any way reach such alternative dimensions and galaxies. For science, only that which can be observed and seen with the eyes exists, but this does not mean that only that exists.

The main hypotheses about the types and ways in which alternative dimensions can exist are three:

The first is that there are an infinite number of galaxies in space – some similar, some very different from ours. Each of these self-contained universes resides in a sort of a giant space bubble. But the bubbles are so far apart that it is practically impossible to see each other. Therefore, science is limited to the study of our own galaxy and is unable to look beyond it. One of the reasons is that, at least at this stage, we do not have the telescopes or other technological breakthroughs needed for such a distant tracking. However, more and more scientists support the theory of the existence of other galaxies and parallel worlds. Including Lord Martin Rees – British cosmologist and astrophysicist, American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and many others.

The second assumption is that there are parallel worlds that unfold in different dimensions. Thus, ours, where everything is three-dimensional, is probably surrounded by many other realities with dimensions 4D, 5D, and so on up to 9. Like the pages of a newspaper – each one exists separately in a part of space, and all together form a common whole, built of different levels (floors).

The third and most frequently discussed theory is that of quantum mechanics, according to which multiple parallel worlds and multiple dimensions exist. They are all here at the same time, and time, globally speaking, does not exist. Past, present and future are inextricably linked at every moment of our lives and exist simultaneously. This is how the ability of mediums to communicate with our deceased loved ones or to see and predict what future awaits us is often explained. And when they make a mistake in one of their assumptions, the explanation is very simple. Either they are just another charlatan and everything they say is pure fiction, or they have a real gift, but they have mistakenly looked into one of the other alternative dimensions and possibilities for the development of the given situation.

“According to quantum mechanics, elementary particles can be in several different places at the same time. If particles can be in several places at the same time, and I am made of such particles, it means that I should also be able to be in several places at the same time.” – ponders Dr. Tegmark and explains the essence of the theory:

“When we make a certain decision, our world branches out in several different directions. If I buy a parking ticket, maybe there’s an alternative dimension where I don’t. And there’s probably a third one where my car was stolen.”

The theory of the existence of alternative dimensions first appeared in black and white in 1954. Its author is Hugh Everett, a student at the elite Princeton University. According to him, with each choice, reality splits, and from each possibility, a new, completely different dimension is born. In turn, this would automatically mean that there are countless versions of us and lives in space. And the one we live in right now contains only one of many possible images and storylines for us to realize.

Many scientists and ordinary people keep asking themselves the question:

Is it possible to move from one alternative dimension to another?

If we accept the existence of this multiverse of countless worlds, then from a physical point of view, the transition from one dimension to another is practically impossible. Mostly because of the huge cosmic distances they are located from each other. But the genius Stephen Hawking does not agree with such a thesis. According to him, there is a way to speed transfer from one universe and alternative dimension world to another. This could be accomplished by using black holes as teleportation portals, the scientist believes. And this, at least in theory, looks quite interesting. But what is the truth and are the alternative dimensions a reality at the moment we can only guess.