Ready for Success

Are You Ready for Success? Vadim Zeland Tells How to Expand Our Comfort Zone

Let’s say you have the ambitious desire to become a star or a millionaire. Are you ready for success? People usually think that fame, money or power is the destiny of the chosen ones. And who chooses them? First of all – themselves, and then everyone else. If you dream of something but aren’t ready to afford it, you won’t get it.

A homeless man looks from the street through the window at a Christmas table. Is he ready to allow himself to sit at this table and eat? If they invite him, of course he will. To enter the house and sit at the table is a determination to act, i.e. the inner intention. But who will invite him? And he understands it perfectly. The Christmas table is in the alien world layer. Is he ready to have this table in his home, in the layer of his world? No, the homeless man knows he has no house, no money, no way to earn it. The external intention will give him nothing, because, being within the bounds of habitual common sense, he is not willing to have.

Suppose you want to become a rich person. Are you ready to accept such a gift from fate? Of course, if someone gives an “extra” million, each of us will take it without problems and difficulties. And wealth will not spoil our lives, as they sometimes try to portray it in educational films. But this is not the point.

Are you ready for success and take that million?

You probably thought that this million have to be hard won, to be conquered? It’s not that again. Are you ready to just choose it? Let yourself have it!

It is necessary to get used to the thought that you will achieve your goal. If you want to become a secured person, but are afraid to enter expensive stores, nothing will come out. If you feel even the slightest awkwardness in an expensive store, then you are not ready to allow yourself to have expensive things. Sellers in such stores are able to instantly determine who has entered – a potential buyer or a curious person with an empty wallet. The buyer behaves like an owner, calmly, confidently and with dignity – aware of his right to choose. The curious and strong-willed, but poor, behaves like an uninvited guest – stiff, tense, timid, he feels the judgmental eyes of the sellers and almost apologizes for appearing in such a prestigious establishment.

It simultaneously creates a whole complex of potentials of importance: secret desire, envy, a sense of one’s own inferiority, irritation, dissatisfaction.

Because not only is he not ready to afford all this materially, but he does not even consider himself worthy of having expensive things. The soul understands literally what the mind tells, and it claims only one thing: “All this is not for us, we are poor people, we need something more modest.”

Allow yourself to be worthy of all this luxury.

You truly deserve the best. The destructive slums, for which it is profitable to keep you under control, have instilled in you “Every frog knows its own swamp”. Go boldly into expensive shops and look at things like a master, not like a servant in a rich household. Of course, it is useless to deal with self-suggestion that you can afford to buy the expensive stuff. You won’t be able to fool yourself, and you don’t have to.

How can you still believe and allow yourself to have?

First of all, let’s distinguish between the areas of inner and outer intention in the phrase “To be willing to afford.”

The person who is accustomed to thinking and acting within the framework of the inner intention,  is inclined to immediately cut off: “I can’t afford it materially – period. There’s nothing to talk about.” But you shouldn’t suggest to yourself that you can afford to buy an expensive thing, and at the same time knowing that you have an empty wallet. It’s not about that at all.

Internal intention implies a determination to act, ie. to find money. But since there is nowhere to get it, reason provides a pragmatic solution. If you act within the inner intention, you will not actually achieve anything. Nor will external intent fall upon your head like manna from heaven. Where would it come from if you are not willing to allow yourself to have?

External intention implies a determination to have, in other words, to consider yourself worthy and know that the choice is yours. Not to believe, but to know.

Deep in your soul, you constantly doubt that your wish can be fulfilled after all. Even if you feel ready for success and act for the sake of fulfilling the desire, it is not much.

So those who have become stars or millionaires are not different from you in their ability, they just allowed themselves to have what they wanted. It is necessary to allow yourself to have. This state is the same as when you first sat on a bicycle. Doubts, hesitations and arguments have disappeared and only wordless clarity – knowledge – remains. The sense of clarity without words, of knowledge without faith, of certainty without hesitation, is precisely the state of unity between soul and mind. In such a state you feel your union with the silent force that rules the universe.

This force picks you up and transports you to the sector where the soul and the mind have united to fulfill the goal.

Everyone is free to choose whatever they like, but not everyone believes in such complete freedom. No matter what I say to you, you don’t really believe that freedom of choice is real, do you? Our life confirms the opposite, because all people are in the power of the neighborhood. But even if you have freed yourself from them, freedom of choice is still outside your comfort zone. It is too unreal to have the right to choose in the world of the neighborhood. You don’t believe in your soul that the elusive dream is just a matter of personal choice.

Positive slides help bring the incredible into your comfort zone. When you stop experiencing the mental discomfort of thinking that every dream is within your reach, doubt will fall away and faith will become knowledge. The soul will come to unanimity with reason and then the determination to have will appear.

From ” Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars“, Vadim Zeland