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Baba Vanga About Christening Our Children

Baba Vanga often said to women: – You have to baptize your children, so you chase the misfortunes away from them.

Name is part of people’s destiny. Name is as equally important as the date and time of birth – so important for the astrologic file of people. The secret power of the name reflects on our entire existence. Every sound is considered an energetic vibration, and every vibration carries a certain meaning, information, and power. That is why if even one letter of the name is changed – this changes the whole configuration of codes and messages, as well as the personal path and destiny. Name has the power to put weight on our life and change the direction of it. It can bring us luck and successes or close the doors to our happiness.

It is fascinating that the name of Baba Vanga – Vangelia, is not chosen by chance. In direct translation from Greek, it means “good news”. Maybe the prophet’s destiny of Baba Vanga was encoded with her name, when she was born.

Some sayings of Baba Vanga are supporting the above statements for the name, as she explains: – When a person comes in front of me, I see his God’s name. He either writes it down on the snow infront of him, or it is written on his chest – with his own hand writing. I can’t always read peoples’ handwritings, but the first letter is always written clearly.

Baba Vanga often asks her visitors why they gave their child this name – which is not their God’s name.

According to her, everybody has his God’s name, and if there are discrepancies – this could reflect on the person’s destiny.

– Why you are not Elena? – she asks a visitor. – This is the name that you should have taken. You were born to be Elena.

The christening and marriage are part of the 7 Christian secrets, symbols of the connection between man and God. Baba Vanga is a strong believer and she insists people to follow the customs, that were bequeathed from the religion of our tradition. Not only in words, but her deeds are also proving that.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

At the times of disbelief and social apathy, she raised St. Petka church in the Rupite village. Her main goal of this noble deed was to preserve the faith of Bulgarians alive. Through this new church, Baba Vanga wants to encourage us to visit the churches more often, to connect with the spiritual, to christen our children, to think about the eternity. The church is a symbol of God. It stimulates good thoughts, love to your closest ones, patients and humbleness – the greatest lessons on this planet.

Baba Vanga advised the parents to christen their children and she never refused to be a godmother if she was invited to be one. Moreover, in many of the cases, she insists to be the one that will give the name. Unofficially Baba Vanga has been the godmother of over 1000 children.

An interesting story told by Totka Raycheva from Sofia

I was urging myself for a long time to go and visit Baba Vanga to ask her some questions about my personal life. I started to have some family problems, and that made me to go and visit her in 1995.

She accepted me on the 5th day. I gave her the sugar cube feeling scared and confused. She asked me:

– What is your name?

– Totka – I said

– Totka, you were born to be a mother of your children, and your children were born to have a mother. You will not divorce you husband, but you have to go and marry him officially at a church. On June 1st, your husband have to celebrate with your friends and relatives  because this is Spasov day, and this is when he was born. Why they didn’t name him Spas, instead of Christo?

Once I got back home, I asked my mother-in-law about my husband’s name. She said that people advised her to name him Spas, but others were saying it will be better if he is Christo – named after Jesus Christ, because she had lost 4 children. This is how she decided to name him Christo.

I managed to convince my husband to marry me at a church. Instead of a big celebration on June 1st, he gave my neighbours a well prepared roasted rabbit.

After we did those two things, the likelihood of our divorce was gone. We had a normal life again. Even today I still can’t explain what exactly Baba Vanga did to solve my family problem. After my meeting with her, I started to honour all Christian celebrations and customs and to follow their rituals. My husband also changed dramatically.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

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