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Baba Vanga Advices for Families

Some of the personal Baba Vanga advices for families often told to visitors:

  • Never have a quarrel about real estate matters. Those houses that don’t have peace and love in them – fire will burn them.
  • The family is a sacred union – man and woman must merge together into one organism. In one house the rooster has to sing – the man’s word has to be heard.
  • There is nothing more precious than mothers. Not a man, child, or brother. What’s hidden in the mother’s heart is the sweetest. Mothers are the greatest protection…never leave your mothers without help when they get older.
  • Women are mirrors of their men, the house is a mirror of the woman, children are mirrors of both their parents.
  • When you are giving birth, you have to know that you don’t belong to yourself anymore. You belong to your kids – you are giving life for which you are responsible.
  • Give birth while you are still young, while your organism is healthy and has strength. Giving birth at older age, increases the birth defects and it is much harder to raise a child.
  • Mother that didn’t give birth is still a mother. If you are sterile, adopt a child. Raise him, educate him, ensure he gets married and most of all – make him a good man. That is most important.
  • You are not a mother just because you gave birth – you are a mother when you managed to raise and bring up a child.
  • It is wrong if a woman does not give birth. It is two times worse if she didn’t raise her child.
  • If 7-8 years pass by and you still can get pregnant, adopt a child. Then mothers calm down psychologically and mother nature can reward them with a child of their own.
  • Don’t divorce, don’t separate from one another, as your children will suffer greatly, and you won’t find true happiness.
  • Never leave your children – you and your children will be condemned to suffer. Mothers that leave their children carry a very heavy water-mill stone on their necks.
  • We are living in hard times these days. People don’t have much in common with one another. Mothers give birth, but they don’t have enough milk to breast feed their babies. They say because they were nervous. It is not that. It is simply because children have nothing in common with their mothers – they just came to this world through them. Children get nothing from their mothers – no milk, no mother’s warmth. They send them to day nursery when they are still so little, at night they put them in cribs to sleep separately, and children rarely see the smile of their mother’s face. Mothers are unhappy because their husbands don’t respect them enough. On the other hand, husbands think that they got married just because they had to – following the tradition. Elderly are unhappy because they are not respected by the young. Nobody is close to nobody. People are now interested only in money. They think that once they got a lot of money – everything will be perfect. They don’t know that one day this money won’t do anything for them.

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