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Baba Vanga advices for Mother Nature

Baba Vanga advices for Mother Nature and its herbs

  • Planet Earth is our mother. Protect it, respect it. Mother nature is feeding us, but it also suffers from us and that is why it punishes people when they cross a certain line. Mother nature can punish very severely.
  • You are poisoning the nature, you are feeding your children with poisoned foods, and then come to me to complain how many people got cancer, how many new diseases have appeared…Come to your senses while there is still time, or your will suffer more.
  • Don’t pick the flowers. When you are watching them and loving them, you are getting such a relief, similar to the one that you have after you have taken a bath. When you are picking the flowers, you don’t realize that they “cry”…It is said to pick a branch from a tree or from lilac although there are other blossoms left. How said is to pick a tulip or a snowdrop – same as if a mother lost her only child…plants are talking to me, but they are so many, and I manage to remember so little.
  • Flowers are living organisms that radiate energy and give strength. Judging by the way they grow and flourish in the house where they are placed, you can tell if there is love and harmony in this family.
  • Don’t give picked flowers as a gift – you are bringing sorrow to people. A picked flower cries like a little child.
  • The world started with the herbs, and it will end with them. People should be using the herbs found in their country to treat their health problems. This is how it is determined. Everybody to cure his diseases with his own herbs.
  • The synthetic medications are closing the door through which the nature through its herbs can cure the sick organism. For every disease there is  a herb.
  • Mother nature has the answer for everyone how to cure himself. Read the nature’s language – God speaks through her”.
  • Don’t overdo the fertilizers and chemicals. Food is getting poisonous and the nature is suffocating.
  • Planet Earth is a living organism. Don’t make her angry. Study her language and her laws and observe them strictly if you want to live better and longer. If you are careful with her, she will give back a lot. If you are making her angry, she will punish you as she is much stronger than you. For so many years I have been going in deep trance – there are whole cities that are buried underground as a result of natural disasters…how many ancient civilizations were gone…”
  • Read the language of mother nature – the walnut looks like brain, the beans looks like kidney…there are cures for everyone.

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